Turquoise Tuesday...

Hello, friends, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday
Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of December?  Good grief!
I apologize for my brief absence from my blog.  Last week was a whirlwind...

In the spirit of the holiday season, I've decided to focus today's post on turquoise themed holiday decor.  Talk about fun, cheerful and beautiful...

I hope you enjoy these fabulous photos and perhaps you'll be inspired to add some turquoise to your holiday decor...

I especially love the branch hanging above the dining table in the third photo. 
Talk about inexpensive decor that really packs a punch. 
I'm always looking for a good excuse to bring
yet another piece of wood into my home.
I love it!

I've been busy at Fringe and have a holiday special to tell you about next time...
Some special savings for my lovely blog readers. 
So stay tuned...I'll be back tomorrow!

Thank you so much for visiting, dear ones.
I hope you're having a beautiful day...xo


Turquoise Tuesday...


Hello, dear friends, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday
I hope you're having a beautiful day...

Today's feature is just plain fun girl stuff.  Blatant feminine beauty. 
From some of my favorite artists. 
I think this little ensemble would look perfect all together, don't you?  

We have the grit and sparkle combined with vintage components

The fabulous versatility and sexiness of FantasyWorldHeroes' snowskirt,
complete with turquoise lining.

And last, but certainly not least, the enchanting and magical cookoorikoo ring,
also made with vintage components. 

I want all three! Le sigh...

Reconstruction Earrings by Leaves of Glass

The Hearbreaker SNOWSKIRT by FantasyWorldHeroes

tailfeather ring by cookoorikoo

Are these items fabulous or what?  I'm in love with them!

So.  What do you have planned for the Thanksgiving holiday? 
Whatever your plans may be, I hope your day is filled with love and laughter,
and I hope you make many happy memories.

We're having both families here for the holiday. 
It's been a few months since we've done that. 
Father's Day, to be exact. 
I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone, and having lots of delicious food. 
I'm also looking forward to doing lots of baking before the big day. 

I love to bake...
Thank you so much for dropping by, lovely friends.
I'm very thankful that you did...xo


Warm thoughts...


Happy Saturday, dear ones!  Are you having a lovely day?

So far, my morning has been about:
 cinnamon cookies (I know, I know)
 watching the rain fall softly
laughing with R and the boy
 a load of laundry
and writing this post
  Not necessarily in that order.

Guess what? I have a new design in my shop that I want to show you.  It's the first of many Fringe home accessories.  I've been threatening to add home decor to my designs for some time now.  My beautiful brother has been encouraging me to do so for probably two years now...It's hard for me to put aside one design I'm working on for another, but I simply had to make at least one of these lap rugs before winter set in. 

To me, it's a nostalgic piece.  I envision how this lap rug would be used.  Or should I say, the settings in which it would be used.  Like a movie scene, I see Hot Toddy draped across the lap of a beautifully bundled woman who's being swept across a white winter wonderland terrain by a man who's madly in love with her.  Yes, I am a true romantic, but hey, it could happen, right?

I can also envision Hot Toddy in a mountain cabin, complete with crackling fireplace, window seats, large windows, steaming mugs of something or other, big fluffy chairs, shelves of books, soft music, soft lighting, and...well you get the picture.

I really do see scenarios in which my creations will or may be used.  It makes me happy to imagine...

Vanilla cream
Soft and chunky
Warm your toes
Sleigh ride visions

I plan to make this design in a number of colors.  So many plans, so little time. 
Which lead me to pen this request:

Dear Father Time,

Please won't you slow down?  Even just a little?

Much love,

{What do you think?  Will he favor my request?}

So, lovely friends, what are your plans for this weekend? 

I have lots of things on my list, including:

~Tackle my studio (it's literally buried in yarn and such)
~Open the package from sweet Joanne that has been sitting on my desk for two weeks*
~Lots of chores. I won't bore you with details.
~Bake golden cupcakes with lemon icing (the natives are restless)
~Walk, walk and walk some more
~Finish a collaborative piece I've been working on for weeks
~Add my first entry in this (more details later. I'm so cussing excited about it!)
...and more...

I'm actually looking forward to everything on my list.  Even the chores and studio tackle.  It's living life, which is a wonderful thing.

I seem to have chattered like a magpie so now I'll say goodbye.
Until next time.

I hope your weekend is filled with little miracles.
Try to remember to begin your day and end your day with a smile...
Thank you so much for visiting...xo

* I have this weird thing (ok, I have many) about packages.  I have to be in the right mood to open them.  Sometimes a package will sit for weeks.  




Hi there, lovely friends! 
I hope your day is going along in the most fabulous manner.

Can you believe it's already the third week of November? 
Honestly, this month is going crazy fast for me...

The third week of every month is extra special for me.  Why?  Well, I do a guest blog post on the beautiful blog, Lillyella, about home decor.  Each and every month.  I absolutely love doing these posts!

This month's post is titled

It was a complete delight doing this month's feature.  Now tell me. Who wouldn't like to spend a little extra time gazing at photos that remind a girl (or guy) of Don Draper...? 

I hope you'll take a minute or two to go check out the post. While you're there, you'll see there are lots of other wonderful features and posts by Nicole as well as featured guests.

Enjoy your Thursday, dear ones!
Thank you so much for dropping by...
You really do bring little bursts of happiness to my day with your comments...xo

Turquoise Tuesday...


Hello, friends, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday
 Are you having a good day?  I truly hope your week is turning out beautifully.

Today's turquoise theme is photography. 
There are so many breathtaking photographers out there. 
I've chosen just a few gorgeous examples here. 
I hope you enjoy looking through them...

Self by Lola's Room

Loop Motel by Roadside Photographs

Coney Island by depuis

searching by inspired imagery

Last Colour by Micheal G. Magin

It's interesting.  I thought my choices were just random photographs that I found appealing. That is, until I uploaded them for this post.  Once they were all together, I noticed something...

I think I'm dreaming of a getaway. 
Can you see the theme of these photos? 
I think they point to the fact that I need a vacation....

Thank you so much for stopping by.
And thank you for being you...xo


Let me weave you a tale...


My love for yarn and design are intertwined.
Together they weave a story that I then write with my knitting needles and crochet hooks.

This particular design has seen flurries of concentration followed by days and days of languish.  It's about three hours (of undivided attention) away from fruition.  What you don't see are the long tails of yarn waiting to be cared for as well as other unattended, unfinished areas.  This is a small section of what this design will look like when it is finally completed.

Do you have plans for the weekend?  Wherever you may be, I wish you
treasured moments,
time spent with nature,
the laughter of loved ones,
and a warm cozy bed to sleep in...xo


Light bulb!


When it comes to brilliant ideas...the kind that make you shout "Light bulb!"...umbu has come up with a brilliant design. 

Lamps made out of sewing patterns and maps?  Be still my heart!

Major pangs of desire.

By the way, your comments light up my life.
Have a beautiful day...xo

Remember our veteran's today.
"Freedom is never free"


Turquoise Tuesday...


Hello, dear ones, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday
My oh my, this day is flying by. 
I hope you are enjoying your week so far... 

I gave you a preview of my new line of Fringe wearable fiber art last week. 

Today's feature is about the new line, the Wild West Series.
This new piece, the Bustle Scarflette, happens to be a deep rich turquoise teal.

"They saw me, those reckless seekers of beauty, and in a night I was famous." 
~ Lillie Langtry

one of a kind
urban prairie

The Bustle Scarflette, along with the Bustle Scarf, is part of the Wild West Series; a line of designs which will be a combination of rustic prairie fashion and high impact statement pieces. The Wild West series of accessories will be my romanticized and dramatic interpretation of Old West meets modern day. So hang on to your hats!

Thank you for stopping by, lovely friends.
Take hold of your dreams and run with them...xo


Afternoon's kiss...


Afternoon's Kiss by Elgarbo Art

I didn't have anything in particular to write today. 

I saw this photograph and simply wanted to share it with you.

I love photos of this nature. 

All about the lighting...and nature.




I hope you're having a day just like this photo; warm, rich, light-filled and peaceful.

Thank you for visiting. 
I'll be back tomorrow...xo


A preview and some philosophy...


Oh, happy happy Friday, dear ones! 
I hope you all have lovely thoughts and dreams coming to you this weekend.

Today's post has two parts to it:
1) A preview of a new Fringe design
2)  A bit of artistic philosophy

I wanted to share with you my newest Fringe design.  I've been working on it for a some time now.  It began with one of those mad visions that came to me all of a sudden and I had to stop everything to sketch it out.  As you know, I fall in love with my designs (you really have to love what you're creating) and this one is no exception.  This piece is a one-of-a-kind because I made it freeform.  No pattern.  I wanted it to be unique and special.  I will make more of this style, in different colors, but no two will be the exact same.

I will be listing it in my shop later today.  For now, here are a couple peeks...

My dear friend and very talented artist, Brenda of Phydeaux, posed a very good question on her blog the other day. It's an excellent post, and she shares her personal experience.  You can read her post here.  Essentially, she’s exploring the endless topic of

Vision vs. Version

I did leave her my thoughts in the form of a comment. I wanted to share with you what I wrote (with some additions)…

It's my belief that personal vision/style is something that is part of your soul. You're born with it. That may be stating the obvious...Sometimes it's deep within, waiting to be found, and sometimes it's almost right at the surface, easily accessible. Often just living life, growing, maturing, and experiencing love as well as pain will help one to discover one’s own true vision.

I feel it's a different journey for every person, depending on their life experience beginning as a young child. Sadly, some never truly explore themselves well enough, or perhaps have enough self-confidence, to find the answer.

We all know the answer is to "be true to yourself". The question for many is how DO you "be true to yourself"?

If there’s one thing you take away from this post, let it be this: Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from finding your true vision.

Motivation and inspiration are two completely different, yet intimately entertwined, subjects which I have touched on before, but perhaps I will return to them here in the form of a post. How to find motivation and inspiration through your own vision.

I hope there is something you’d like to add to this subject. Please share your thoughts with me, if you’re so inclined.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit.
I truly appreciate you...xo

Mama D's comfort food...


Hello, wonderful friends!  How are you doing today?  I hope you're having a beautiful day...

I haven't shared one of my comfort food recipes lately, and I felt it was high time I did.  Today's recipe is for Cinnamon Cookies.  They are a family favorite, super simple, and yummy.

I made them this weekend, and let me tell you, they don't last long around here.  If I want to share any of them with a neighbor or friend, I have to send them over right away.  Otherwise, the boys will have eaten them up.

These cookies aren't too sweet which is how I like my cookies.  The basic ingredients make them a great fast treat to whip up on a cold afternoon.  Also, I have substituted white sugar with brown sugar and white flour with wheat flour.  I've taken part of the flour measurement out and replaced it with flax seed.  Everything I've ever switched around seems to work out beautifully.  So this recipe is versatile and forgiving.

Mama D's Cinnamon Cookies

2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Preheat oven 375.  Lightly grease cookie sheets. 

Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.

In mixing bowl, combine sugar and oil, mix well.  Slowly add eggs and then vanilla.  Mix well.  Add dry ingredients all at once.  Mix well.

Form batter into 1 inch balls, roll in sugar.   Flatten with fork (optional).  Sprinkle sugar over top (optional).  Bake for 10-12 minutes, until outer edges are light golden brown.  Let cool for 1 minute. Remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack.  Makes approximately 3 dozen cookies, depending on the size of the dough balls you make.

I hope you'll give these little gems a try.  They really are comforting.  They travel well too if you plan on going camping, having a picnic or taking a road trip.  Makes a great hostess gift.

Thank you so much for visiting me.  Your comments light up my day...xo


Turquoise Tuesday...


Warning:  This post contains a photo of my feet.  If feet photos make you squeamish, you may not want to look.


Hello, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday!  How's your day going?  Mine has been so busy.  I've only just now had a chance to get this post together.  I'll write more about what has kept me busy in a post later this week...

Today's feature is Old Navy's fabulous Tip Toe Nail Polish.  Believe me when I tell you (I have the inside scoop) that this polish is the highest quality.  Old Navy has to follow very strict regulations which in turn gives us the benefit of the best nail polish around.

The turquoise is what I'm sporting in the photo today.  It's a gorgeous, crisp, clear shade of true turquoise and I absolutely love it.

There's no frost or sparkles with this shade.  Just a flat turquoise - beautiful.  If you like the look, buy Old Navy'sTip Toe Nail Polish in Tahiti Lagoon.

Thank you for visiting, lovely friends...xo


As requested...


Happy Monday (and first day of November - yikes), sweet friends!  As requested by one of my favorite people, here is a pic of my paper-bag-votive lit walkway (how-to instructions are here).  Isn't it a bit magical?

And while I have you here, I'd like to show you our pumpkins.  All three were white pumpkins...the first year we've had white ones.  They show up beautifully at night with the candles lit inside.

Here's my not-scary glamour-puss pumpkin.

Here is R's scar face jack-o-lantern.  He always picks a carving pumpkin that naturally lays on it's side, sort of squished.

And saving the best (and spookiest!) for last...Here's the boy's super scary

Thank you all for popping in to see me!
I hope the start of your week is super fantastic! 
Mondays are my favorite...
so many wonderful possibilities for the coming week.

P.S.  It's the first of the month...Don't forget to say "rabbit" for good luck!