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Can you believe it's already the third week of November? 
Honestly, this month is going crazy fast for me...

The third week of every month is extra special for me.  Why?  Well, I do a guest blog post on the beautiful blog, Lillyella, about home decor.  Each and every month.  I absolutely love doing these posts!

This month's post is titled

It was a complete delight doing this month's feature.  Now tell me. Who wouldn't like to spend a little extra time gazing at photos that remind a girl (or guy) of Don Draper...? 

I hope you'll take a minute or two to go check out the post. While you're there, you'll see there are lots of other wonderful features and posts by Nicole as well as featured guests.

Enjoy your Thursday, dear ones!
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24 Corners said...

I'm feeling very nostalgic now...loved your post!! I just realized something...we had a turquoise sofa back in the day...and, it sat on turquoise-ish carpet! What fun decor times those were...seriously! ;)
xo J~