Warm thoughts...


Happy Saturday, dear ones!  Are you having a lovely day?

So far, my morning has been about:
 cinnamon cookies (I know, I know)
 watching the rain fall softly
laughing with R and the boy
 a load of laundry
and writing this post
  Not necessarily in that order.

Guess what? I have a new design in my shop that I want to show you.  It's the first of many Fringe home accessories.  I've been threatening to add home decor to my designs for some time now.  My beautiful brother has been encouraging me to do so for probably two years now...It's hard for me to put aside one design I'm working on for another, but I simply had to make at least one of these lap rugs before winter set in. 

To me, it's a nostalgic piece.  I envision how this lap rug would be used.  Or should I say, the settings in which it would be used.  Like a movie scene, I see Hot Toddy draped across the lap of a beautifully bundled woman who's being swept across a white winter wonderland terrain by a man who's madly in love with her.  Yes, I am a true romantic, but hey, it could happen, right?

I can also envision Hot Toddy in a mountain cabin, complete with crackling fireplace, window seats, large windows, steaming mugs of something or other, big fluffy chairs, shelves of books, soft music, soft lighting, and...well you get the picture.

I really do see scenarios in which my creations will or may be used.  It makes me happy to imagine...

Vanilla cream
Soft and chunky
Warm your toes
Sleigh ride visions

I plan to make this design in a number of colors.  So many plans, so little time. 
Which lead me to pen this request:

Dear Father Time,

Please won't you slow down?  Even just a little?

Much love,

{What do you think?  Will he favor my request?}

So, lovely friends, what are your plans for this weekend? 

I have lots of things on my list, including:

~Tackle my studio (it's literally buried in yarn and such)
~Open the package from sweet Joanne that has been sitting on my desk for two weeks*
~Lots of chores. I won't bore you with details.
~Bake golden cupcakes with lemon icing (the natives are restless)
~Walk, walk and walk some more
~Finish a collaborative piece I've been working on for weeks
~Add my first entry in this (more details later. I'm so cussing excited about it!)
...and more...

I'm actually looking forward to everything on my list.  Even the chores and studio tackle.  It's living life, which is a wonderful thing.

I seem to have chattered like a magpie so now I'll say goodbye.
Until next time.

I hope your weekend is filled with little miracles.
Try to remember to begin your day and end your day with a smile...
Thank you so much for visiting...xo

* I have this weird thing (ok, I have many) about packages.  I have to be in the right mood to open them.  Sometimes a package will sit for weeks.  




lemon icing is most CERTAINLY my FAVORITE of all the flavors. i just baked a lemon cake with my mom a couple of weeks ago.

as for time, i hope your request is granted:) i am stuck between wanting things to move along and enjoying the moment.... when i'm not feeling up to par i like to see those hands on the clock move around as quickly as possible.

okay, this is turning into a blog post rather than a comment! LOVING your newest creation

love love 2 u,

24 Corners said...

Coziness and then some! It looks so soft and cuddly...a delightful addition to your home line D.! And once again...the name is perfect.

Your weekend of "living" sounds very ambitious, I'm sure you'll tackle all beautifully! Please put in a word with Father Time for me also would you...I could use a few extra bits of time here too!

Went to Joanne's site...fun fun fun! What did you get?
xoxo J~