Turquoise Tuesday...


Hello, dear friends, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday
I hope you're having a beautiful day...

Today's feature is just plain fun girl stuff.  Blatant feminine beauty. 
From some of my favorite artists. 
I think this little ensemble would look perfect all together, don't you?  

We have the grit and sparkle combined with vintage components

The fabulous versatility and sexiness of FantasyWorldHeroes' snowskirt,
complete with turquoise lining.

And last, but certainly not least, the enchanting and magical cookoorikoo ring,
also made with vintage components. 

I want all three! Le sigh...

Reconstruction Earrings by Leaves of Glass

The Hearbreaker SNOWSKIRT by FantasyWorldHeroes

tailfeather ring by cookoorikoo

Are these items fabulous or what?  I'm in love with them!

So.  What do you have planned for the Thanksgiving holiday? 
Whatever your plans may be, I hope your day is filled with love and laughter,
and I hope you make many happy memories.

We're having both families here for the holiday. 
It's been a few months since we've done that. 
Father's Day, to be exact. 
I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone, and having lots of delicious food. 
I'm also looking forward to doing lots of baking before the big day. 

I love to bake...
Thank you so much for dropping by, lovely friends.
I'm very thankful that you did...xo



alamodestuff said...

LOVE the skirt!

Good Girls Studio said...

I am a sucker for a colorful fun lining :) Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! We spent ours snuggled at my parents place by the fire!

24 Corners said...

That skirt is so cool!!! Love that it's a wrap and the lining is such a special, 'secret' touch, love it! xo J~