"I think your personality is uniquely expressed through your choice of accessories. It’s the easiest form of self-declaration.” ~Kate Spade

Hello there, I'm Dennice. Welcome and thank you for visiting Fringe, a crossroad of old and new, proper and defiant. I am happy you're here.

I strive for my work to be symbolic of cherished things to love, mother earth, and the craft of making something with someone in mind - from the heart.

My love for yarn and design are intertwined. Together they weave a story that I then write with my knitting needles and crochet hooks.

I began Fringe in 2005.  First locally, and then in 2007, I opened an online shop. Fringe is my line of handmade items dear to my heart.  These items are hand-crocheted, hand-knit, sewn, and/or embroidered with love and care by yours truly. My creations are my original designs and they include scarves, cowls, neck ruffles, capelets, shrugs, shawls, couture brooches, boot ruffles, necklaces and more. Expect an occasional surprise among the items I create. There are many types of styles in my shop. From high drama couture fashion to urban prairie and lots of styles in between. Fringe pieces are being worn all over this big, beautiful world which is amazing and such an honor.

My second, newer shop, Little Tree Designs, was created in 2013 when I realized my work and designs combining components of nature and delicate crochet were appreciated by others. I created a separate wedsite for this collection, littletreedesigns.com.

I always create my designs with the idea that they will give their owners self-confidence just by wearing them.

My Fringe designs have been featured on The Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show and The Uniform Project. My work was featured in Knitscene Magazine as well.

My Little Tree Designs have been featured in Anthology Magazine - The Sartorial Issue #13.

This blog is a way for me to share some of my personal life as well as insight into my work.  New friendships always have to begin somewhere, why not here...?  I hope you enjoy the time you spend with me. My creations may inspire you to join me on the Fringe of fashion. Thanks again for visiting Fringe.