Turquoise Tuesday...


Hello, friends, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday
 Are you having a good day?  I truly hope your week is turning out beautifully.

Today's turquoise theme is photography. 
There are so many breathtaking photographers out there. 
I've chosen just a few gorgeous examples here. 
I hope you enjoy looking through them...

Self by Lola's Room

Loop Motel by Roadside Photographs

Coney Island by depuis

searching by inspired imagery

Last Colour by Micheal G. Magin

It's interesting.  I thought my choices were just random photographs that I found appealing. That is, until I uploaded them for this post.  Once they were all together, I noticed something...

I think I'm dreaming of a getaway. 
Can you see the theme of these photos? 
I think they point to the fact that I need a vacation....

Thank you so much for stopping by.
And thank you for being you...xo



Brenda said...

These are amazingly beautiful picks, Dennice! Particularly the first and last photos, which are beyond glorious to me (fellow turquoise aficionado here).

xoxo Brenda


I know how you feel, I need an escape.
X David, NYC