Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from our resident mad scientist (at age 6)!

Our boy as the mad scientist is my all-time favorite costume. 
He had plastic spiders throughout his wig and a jam-packed pocket protector.

Each year, as dusk begins to enter the sky, I create a candle-lit walkway leading up to our door to light the way for all the little ghosts and goblins.  It's very simple to do this, and the children (and adults) love it.  Here's the easy how-to:

~Take brown paper lunch bags (I use 16 for my walkway),
~Fold the top edges of each bag over twice (about an inch fold each time),
~Fill the bottom with about 2 - 3 inches of sand or kitty litter (both work well),
~Set a votive candle in the center of the sand and light.

The result is a lovely, glowing path that really is quite magical.  I'll try to capture a photo of mine tonight and share it with you.

I hope your Halloween is filled with
laughter, sweets, the warm glow of candlelight,
small children ringing your doorbell,
little hands carefully choosing just the right piece of candy out of your bowl, 
and not-so-naughty goblins...



The Noisy Plume: said...

That photo is hilarious.
I just about shot coffee out of my nose when I spotted it.

Fringe said...

Plume-y ~ Isn't it hysterical? he was doing his Dexter of Dexter's Lab imitation when I snapped that photo. What a goof-off :)


brock street said...

Adorable, wonderful mad scientist.
made my day...maybe week :)

24 Corners said...

This is what Einstien must have looked like as a child! He's playing the part too perfection!

Have a wonderful time tonight...and I'd love to see the walkway all aglow, I'm sure it's very Haloweenie...yet pretty!

xo J~

hometown girl said...

how cute is he? hope all is well!! xo suz