Turquoise Tuesday...


Warning:  This post contains a photo of my feet.  If feet photos make you squeamish, you may not want to look.


Hello, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday!  How's your day going?  Mine has been so busy.  I've only just now had a chance to get this post together.  I'll write more about what has kept me busy in a post later this week...

Today's feature is Old Navy's fabulous Tip Toe Nail Polish.  Believe me when I tell you (I have the inside scoop) that this polish is the highest quality.  Old Navy has to follow very strict regulations which in turn gives us the benefit of the best nail polish around.

The turquoise is what I'm sporting in the photo today.  It's a gorgeous, crisp, clear shade of true turquoise and I absolutely love it.

There's no frost or sparkles with this shade.  Just a flat turquoise - beautiful.  If you like the look, buy Old Navy'sTip Toe Nail Polish in Tahiti Lagoon.

Thank you for visiting, lovely friends...xo



Caroline said...

Cute photo!! :) xo

Fringe said...

Thank you, sweet Caroline!


24 Corners said...

I'm jealous that your pretty turquoise toes can still be in flip-flops, and that they can still bask away in the sun...sigh. We did have a super warm day yesterday though, seventy five! That was warmer than our summer ever was (slight exageration).
xo J~