The Demise of Tigger's Tail..

There once was a boy who loved all-things-sweet
At Disneyland he asked for a treat
I indeed did comply
A pushover am I
As a result, the boy had this to eat...

{I'm the first to admit the above limerick is shoddy, at best}

This delectable confection is called a Tigger Tail. You can find them at Disneyland in Pooh Corner. They are comprised of four marshmallows coated in a thick layer of caramel and then dipped in a thin layer of orange-colored white chocolate with drizzles of milk chocolate. Unbelievably rich and sweet. I prefer the dark chocolate covered ones, but they're not as fun since they are 1)not called a Tigger Tail and 2)not a pretty orange color. In the end, I managed to talk my son into giving me a bite of his Tigger Tail. Yes, I suffered through it.
This photo cracks me up. It's an action shot! Plus, you actually get to see the inside of the Tigger Tail, and if you look closely, you can see the beginnings of Le Moustache on my boy's upper lip.

The sweet shop at Pooh Corner has so many tantalizing treats. I took more photos that I will share with you next time. Thanks for visiting!

On-the-Fringe Times Two...

Recently, my friend, Cat of Uncorked, created the most fabulous "on the fringe" necklace for me. It's absolutely and completely perfect, and I adore it. I think these necklaces would be an exceptional way to promote one's shop. Cat can custom make them in size small or large, to your specifications.

My latest design, On-the-Fringe Cowl.

Naked Lunch....

I know, the title is a bit provocative. Here is my latest addition to Fringe, Naked Lunch Ensemble. I used bamboo yarn for the scarves and lariats and cashmere blend for the brooches. The bamboo yarn is so unbelievably soft and silk-like. This design is a six piece combination of two scarves, two lariats and two posy brooches. I wanted the colors to be very neutral with lots of variety and ways to wear it. I wanted a sense of fabulous disarray with this design. It’s meant to be a sexy accessory, hence the name…Below are examples of how this ensemble can be worn.

To get this look; two scarves, two lariats and the floppy flower brooch is used.
For this variation; two scarves, the tan lariat and the floppy brooch.
Here I used both scarves and the rose brooch.

For the look; both lariats and the floppy flower brooch.

For more combinations, please check out the listing in my shop. Thank you so much for visiting!

By The Sea...

I actually remembered my camera on Tuesday for my beach walk. I managed to capture some of the sights along the way....

An anonymous love letter in the sand, there's always at least one.
My amateur attempt to track a large grouping of magnificent pelicans(which to my amazement is known as a pod of pelicans)...

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. I'll try to remember my camera more often so that I can share with you some of the breathtaking and also sometimes peculiar sights I encounter.

Twitter a Tale...

I am delighted to present another Twitter tale from a clever artist. She decided to participate in my challenge. If you aren't familiar with what I'm referring to, please check out this previous post, Twitter Talent.

Lynn of UnaOdd wrote this fabulous story in less than 140 characters...

She was walking along the railroad tracks when her husband called. "He's gone... please come home" She one there to catch her.

I love it! It's a romance and a mystery with a hint of desperation and tragedy. Well done, Lynn. Also, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite pieces in Lynn's beautiful shop.

The Ruby Red Bangle Bracelet
Thank you, Lynn! If anybody is interested in participating in my Twitter Talent series, please contact me.

Happy Earth Day!

A Lovely Day...

We had a wonderful Easter. Time spent with family is always something to cherish. Here is a look into the lovely day we had.

The hunt is on! What 7:30 a.m. Easter egg hunt is complete without the standard attire, pjs and mom's sparkly silver flip flops...? Score!
Instead of spending the day cooking, we decided to go to our favorite French restaurant for a very special champagne brunch. My husband's first round at the buffet....

Our son's second round at the buffet. Waffles, whipped cream and gummy bears; breakfast of champions...

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter, spending the day doing exactly what you wanted to do.

Three Girls and a Squirrel...

Who says squirrels aren't hip to the couture fashion scene? I believe Jane (not her real name... her true identity will be kept anonymous as was her request) carries this statement with flair and finesse. A fashion trend is born! Jane is sporting my El Grande Cowl in pink and cream.

Her sister is equally stylish and hip with a soft kitten neckbow and lovely brooch. To see this fashion forward squirrel please click here. An inspired ensemble that you truly must see.

A big thank you to Joanne of shavingkitsupplies who is equipped with mad Photoshop skills and Brenda of Phydeaux who is my partner in crime for this post. See what happens when three girls on Twitter have too much time on their hands?

{No squirrels were harmed in the making of this segment.}

NV Designs Blog Feature

I am so honored to have been asked by the lovely Ngan of NV Designs(aka envejewelry) to do an artist interview for her beautiful blog. Just 5 years ago, or even 3 for that matter, I never would have pictured myself where I am today. You just never know where life is going to take you, my friends. I thoroughly enjoyed Ngan's unique and fun questions, it was a delight to do this interview. I hope you will take a moment to check out her blog, her gorgeous shop, and the interview (click here to read it) ...

This is one of my favorite pieces by NV Designs.

Thank you so much, Ngan!