Naked Lunch....

I know, the title is a bit provocative. Here is my latest addition to Fringe, Naked Lunch Ensemble. I used bamboo yarn for the scarves and lariats and cashmere blend for the brooches. The bamboo yarn is so unbelievably soft and silk-like. This design is a six piece combination of two scarves, two lariats and two posy brooches. I wanted the colors to be very neutral with lots of variety and ways to wear it. I wanted a sense of fabulous disarray with this design. It’s meant to be a sexy accessory, hence the name…Below are examples of how this ensemble can be worn.

To get this look; two scarves, two lariats and the floppy flower brooch is used.
For this variation; two scarves, the tan lariat and the floppy brooch.
Here I used both scarves and the rose brooch.

For the look; both lariats and the floppy flower brooch.

For more combinations, please check out the listing in my shop. Thank you so much for visiting!

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Jeanneoli said...

These are so beautiful and feminine!!!