The Demise of Tigger's Tail..

There once was a boy who loved all-things-sweet
At Disneyland he asked for a treat
I indeed did comply
A pushover am I
As a result, the boy had this to eat...

{I'm the first to admit the above limerick is shoddy, at best}

This delectable confection is called a Tigger Tail. You can find them at Disneyland in Pooh Corner. They are comprised of four marshmallows coated in a thick layer of caramel and then dipped in a thin layer of orange-colored white chocolate with drizzles of milk chocolate. Unbelievably rich and sweet. I prefer the dark chocolate covered ones, but they're not as fun since they are 1)not called a Tigger Tail and 2)not a pretty orange color. In the end, I managed to talk my son into giving me a bite of his Tigger Tail. Yes, I suffered through it.
This photo cracks me up. It's an action shot! Plus, you actually get to see the inside of the Tigger Tail, and if you look closely, you can see the beginnings of Le Moustache on my boy's upper lip.

The sweet shop at Pooh Corner has so many tantalizing treats. I took more photos that I will share with you next time. Thanks for visiting!


Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Good Lord, that looks so evil and yummy. I think I'd have to be hospitalized after two bites though. :) I love Tigger! (Wistful little smile and sigh over your boy's mustache ....)

paperhill said...

i'd be in trouble there!