Stylish Blogger (Award)...


Hello, darling dears!  I have indeed been absent....Life sometimes has a way of taking up all my spare time.  However, I'm so happy to be back, even in this state of running behind schedule (much like the white rabbit).

I would like to begin my reemergence into the blogosphere with a lovely honor bestowed upon me by a sweet, new friend, Jayne of Suburban Soliloquy.  Jayne is very clever and witty as well as kind and caring.  I hope you will visit her blog and get to know her a little better.

Speaking of getting to know someone better....I am asked to reveal seven things about myself upon receipt of this Stylish Blogger Award.  I know you are all waiting with bated breath, on the edge of your seats.  #sarcasm (for hashtag explanation, click here)

If you already know some of the things I'm about to list, I apologize for the repeat....Truth be told, I am both touched and amazed to think that you may have an interest in these little tidbits about me.  I can't help but feel you will be bored to tears, but here it goes....

1) Every time it rains (like yesterday), I think of the people who have nowhere to live.  Out in the wet and cold. It's not that I don't think of people without homes during fair weather.  It's just that my heart breaks a little more each time it rains.

2) I dream in color.

3) Music and the water element are very powerful influences in my creative process.

4) I love to read (almost) all forms of literature, but I find that poetry deeply and profoundly affects me.

5) I don't like going to the market, but I do like doing laundry.

6) I make sublists of my lists.  Yes, yes I do. Which actually should make me kind of enjoy going to the market, but nope.  Still despise grocery shopping.

7) I'm a collector.  I collect many things, such as keys, buttons, lace, buckles, and locks (just to name a few).  Only old stuff though.  I love old stuff.  Also, old movies and old photos, old letters and old songs.

Bonus tidbits a and b and c:

a) I don't watch reality TV.  Ever.  I've never seen Survivor, American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, for instance.  *shudder*

I did, however, recently discover the most inspiring, fabulous documentary on the Sundance Channel.  If you get the chance, please watch it.  It's called "Someone Told Me about Carla Bruni".

b) I'm a firm believer in wearing red lipstick with cutoffs and a tank top.

c) I love to dance!

and now (drumroll, please) I would like to pass this award on to someone very special.  A blogger who puts a great deal of thought and effort into her posts.  She has wonderful style and a warm heart.  She happens to be a cherished friend as well.  So, without further delay, the award goes to:

Susan of Hometown Girl

The rules:
List seven things about yourself.
Pass the award on to another blogger.
Yes, I modified the rules, as did Jayne.
We're rebels that way.

If you made it through this post without falling asleep, I
 want to thank you for visiting.

Have a beautiful day!
Your comments bring me happiness, darling dears...xo 



hometown girl said...

oh my sweet friend, you're a doll, thank you!! i loved reading your seven things! funny when i shower i often think of the people who never get one. makes me sad when i think of it.....only happiness today!! i'l be sure to post this weekend and pass it along as well! thank you again, love you too!! suz

Jayne said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that you dream in color? ;)

Ivy Lane said...

you are such a doll Dennice!!! I wish I could pull off red lipstick!

Have a GREAT Day!

24 Corners said...

You have been missed Mama D...and no way would we ever be bored to pieces reading *your* tidbits...silly girl!
I think about the homeless whenever I snuggle into my comfy bed, especially if the weather is particularly bad, everyone deserves a comfy place to sleep (as well as food, a roof...etc!).
And I watched one episode of Survivor at my friends house because she was so obsessed and had to see it...that was the one and only, I don't get it. I do like Top Chef and Project Runway though...but I wish the people on these shows acted more civilized,
it would be so much nicer.
Hope all is well D...loved that you stopped by (I left a comment for you) and I'm so happy you like your 'horses'...Duke is still happy as a clam sitting right next to me...I love him and think of you too every time I see his sweet face.
Big hugs...
xo J~

koralee said...

Just found your sweet blog through hometown girl...I love her! I am soooo off and running your your looks amazing. xoxoxo Happy MOnday. xo

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you for your fabulous comments, angels! You make me so happy!

*hug x 5*
much love to you...