Kreativ Blogger (Award)...

Yay, I won! My darling dear friend, Kateri of Leaves of Glass and Urban Legend, has awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award-type-badge-thingy. She’s an exceptionally creative person/artist/blogger so I am indeed honored. Kateri’s blog is a plethora of insight, humor, and all-around-awesomeness. My newest favorite posts are her month of January book reviews, which are excellent.

What does this all me to you, you may ask? Well, it means I will be sharing 7 relatively unknown things about yours truly. Things that only the Secret Service, FBI, CIA and NASA knew until this very moment. Then, as you’ve probably already guessed, I will have to kill you.

Seriously though, you will soon know more than you ever wanted to know about me, but life’s like that. Also, I will be awarding 7 lovely people this very same award. Here we go so hold on to your hats…

1. I can’t stand to hear a door slam. There’s a rule in my home: no slamming doors allowed.

2. I’m hooked on the hashtag (#), thanks to Twitter. I use it even when I’m not on Twitter. #hashtagfiend #hashtagorbust #ridiculous

3. When I was 10, I broke my arm falling off a chair. When I was 15, I broke my ankle falling off a swing. These are just two examples of my monumental list of falls. The epitome of grace, that's me.

4. I was in a band in high school. 3 guys and me. Yep. We played a few gigs at high school dances. Then, as usual with all great bands, the prima donna of the group felt we were holding him back. So we broke up. Same old tragic story, and our fans were so disappointed. #sarcasm

5. My husband was my next door neighbor in the apartment complex I lived in. That’s how we met.

6. I love the way gangsters talked in the old 30’s and 40’s movies. It makes me all kinds of happy…

“He took a powder.”
"She slipped him a Mickey!"
“Scram kid, ya botha me!”
”They sent him to the Big House.”
”Oh yeah…?”
“Listen, sister, no dame’s gonna pull one over on me, see?”

(le sigh)

7. I’ve got a small, now quite faded, scar that starts under my nose and goes down between my nose and upper lip. As a young child, maybe 5 years old, my buddy talked me into crawling under his monkey bars while he held that heavy steel contraption up with his little 5-yr-old muscles. Needless to say, just as my head was underneath the bar, he lost his grip. It wasn’t pretty, lots of blood and stitches. And let this be a lesson to all of you trusting girls out there…never go along with boys on those daredevil schemes….

Bonus tidbit:

8. Ever since I saw Jaws, I simply will not swim out into the ocean. Watching Open Water cemented my fear completely. If you haven’t seen Open Water, let me urge you to keep it that way. I don’t even know why I watched it. That is just not the kind of movie I watch. What was I thinking…? I’m certain that sharks have gotten a bad rap, but why risk it? #sharkinjustice #bettersafethansorry

And now for the lucky seven Kreativ Blogger Award-type-badge-thingy winners, in no particular order. I love all of these ladies:

Susan of Hometown Girl
Katie of Black Star
Johanna of Good Girl Studio
Sherry of So, Sherry
Ana of Toil and Trouble
Roxana of Illuminated Perfume
Kerri of Ten Things


Clementine said...

YAY! #cutefactsmakemeloveyoumore

hometown girl said...

you funny girl! me? awww you're too sweet! i'll be sure to post it later this week :) lova ya! suz
off to take a peek at kateri's blog.

ANA said...

Congratulations! You definitely deserve it! I actually skimmed this a few times before I saw my name at the end there, thank you! :o)

- Ana

Sherry said...

I loved reading those tidbits about you. I've only started to use #hashtags, but I find myself running words together that I never did before. itsatwitter/etsything!


Good Girls Studio said...

Congrats girl #Iloveyoutoo :) {wonders if I did that right?? :) }

**Never ever go in the water! My dad showed me Jaws when I was a wee one & ever since then if the water gets above my stomach I start to freak! & I won't get in the pool at night because I can't see under the water :)

I'll post le award later!

Waterrose said...

Oh ...I won't swim in the ocean either since Jaws. I grew up in Ohio so there wasn't many chance to do so anyway....but still...

Great to know more about you!

brock street said...

didnt know half of that info and so glad to know you more.
you are such a talented writer my dear.