Meet my assistants...


You've never really been properly introduced.
I apologize.
Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to my lovely assistants.

Meet Betty.
She's been with me since 2007.
I started Fringe in 2006, and Betty has been here,
working tirelessly by my side since the early days.
For lack of a better term, she's a real workhorse.
Without her, Fringe wouldn't be what it is today.

...Oh, the laughs we've had together in the last four years!

And Roberta.
My dad found Roberta at an auction last year.
Don't let her vibrant red fool you.
She's actually quite shy.
She's also vintage, which means she has a lot to offer with experience.
Roberta prefers to stay behind the scenes for now, and I respect that.

Last, but certainly not least, meet Jane.
Jane of the demure, long-necked, elegant and serene variety.
She adds beauty and perfect light-reflecting qualities to all she does.
The camera loves her.

There you have it, my three splendid assistants.
Each one different, all perfect in their own way.
And they all get along beautifully.
How many of us can say that about our co-workers?

In the past, I've daydreamed about how wonderful it would be to have
an assistant (or two).
Just today, I was thinking along those lines.

Then I realized I actually have three hardworking assistants.
They never complain,
they ask for nothing in return,
and they don't charge me for their endless hours of service.

They simply sit quietly in my studio until I need them.
Even under pressure, they are the epitome of grace and calm.

It was then, during that epiphany,
that I knew I had to introduce them,
give them the credit they deserve....

Betty, Roberta, Jane: I love you!



~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love love your assistants, especially the red one!

Have a happy day xx

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you, sweet Saskia! I'm so glad you stopped by...

Have a beautiful week!

24 Corners said...

Very nice to meet you ladies!! Thank you for being such a wonderful help to our dear have helped her to make the most beautiful and amazing wearable pieces of art out there, well done!
(pssst - might be a good time to ask for a raise.) ;)
xo J~

Brittany H. said...

Why not give them names?! That's awesome.


Kerri said...

Such lovely assistants! Now only if they could clean and cook too!

koralee said...

They are darling...and your blog is lovely. xo

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Ladies, on behalf of Betty, Roberta and Jane, I thank you for your kind remarks.

Personally, I especially enjoyed the idea of my assistants doing the cooking and cleaning! :)

All of you brighten my day with your delightful thoughts.


P.S. J ~ "Fringey" makes me smile! xo