Fringe in Vanilla.

I have been busy organizing (I know, that WORD) my studio. It's very easy to become unorganized in the world of knit, crochet, yarn, thread, fabric, buttons, ribbon, get the idea. My studio is not a large space so I have to be careful or all forms of chaos will ensue. In January I inventory and organize. I sort through every nook and cranny. Every file. Every drawer and shelf.

Confession: I love to color code...well...everything. It's almost like a reward for cleaning my studio. I have no good excuse for this quirkiness except to proclaim myself a visual person. For instance, it makes me extremely happy to look at this photo taken earlier this week. Fringe in vanilla...I think I hear angels singing.

There may be more color coded photos in the future. It's irresistable.

Much love, and thank you for being you...xoxo


s.duane said...

i love this picture, so pretty! i could use some organizing help, wouldn't that be fun! xo suz

Dennice {Fringe} said...

suz ~ thank you so much, dear heart! i would love to have you nearby so that we could do fun stuff like help each other organize. i wish!


24 Corners said...

Trying to do this now...the process has made my office/studio an absolute tornado, but I'm somehow making a bit of progress! Your accomplishment in the task helps tremendously...thanks for the organizational kick & boost!

Really love the pretty!
xo J~