Travels with Ron.

Toledo, Spain

"Spent the day in Toledo. It was a neat old city. Started to rain on the way back but missed getting too wet. Hope everything is going well at home. One more full day in Spain and then off to Istanbul."


Blue Mosque, Istanbul

"Finished up my meetings today and will fly out tomorrow. It has started to rain so it was good that I got to walk around earlier. Next door to the hotel is a dessert shop. Have stopped by and gotten some very good baklava. Going to miss it. Not that I am counting but only one more week."


"Got into a bad habit of stopping by the dessert store next to the hotel in Istambul. They must have had 20 different baklava. They were not too sweet and very good." 


Ron is in the midst of a three week business trip. Three weeks is a long time to be away. We miss him very much. It's also hard on him physically. Three foreign countries in three weeks. His body clock will be messed up big time. So far, he has sent me the above three photos. All taken with his phone. I think they're gorgeous. Those are his words in the quotes. Short explanations, but still. If he sends me any more pics, I'll be sure to share them with you. 

Until next time, dear ones!

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