Photo a Day round-up...


Hello, dear ones!
How is your week starting off?
I hope today is a beautiful day for you.

I have found that posting my February Photo a Day
on a daily basis
makes my blog feel a tad bit cluttered.

it doesn't leave a lot of room
for other posts.

So I've decided to post my Photo a Day pics 
in little groups every few days.
I do love the photo challenges,
but I believe that grouping them together is a better idea.

I hope it will allow more room to breathe...
and think,
and express myself in other ways.

Day 23
My shoes

 Vintage mary janes,
brown fishnets,
rolled levis.


Day 22
Where I work

 Where I do my computer work.
Lots of natural light.
And a tiny hummingbird nest
is currently right in front of my window.


Day 21
A favorite photo of me

Dressed for Halloween
as the Jolly Green Giant.


Day 20

 Very old handwriting.
Letha was my great-grandmother.


Day 19
Something I hate to do

I despise cleaning the bathrooms.
To make things easier,
I wipe them down every day.


Day 18 

Who's with me?
*wink and clink*


A little news on the homefront:

Ron left yesterday for a 
3 week business trip.
(and he had just returned from a trip to Mexico City)
This is grueling trip for him:
then Beijing
and closing out the trip
in D.C..

Too too long,
but I know I shouldn't complain.
Just look at what military families go through,
for instance.

these next three weeks
will be a bit a challenge.
I have lots of lists
to keep me focused and productive.
And I'm certain the boy will keep me hopping!

I've been slowly and steadily
working on many new Fringe pieces.
I will begin showing them to you soon.

Thank you so much for visiting!
I always get such a kick out your comments...

Much love.





Day 15

A 35-year-old photo of my in-law's kitchen counter,
complete with an avocado green phone.

See those two thermoses?
Ron used to get paid a nickel per thermos
to fill the thermoses with coffee (that he made) for his dad. 
Every day.





Day 14

Cactus heart.
Can you see it?


 For Valentine's Day,
the boy gave me a big ole valentine.
As he put it,
a "BAM! up in yo grill!"


Ron left for a business trip this morning,
but before he left,
he gave me these.

Old school Valentine gifts.
My favorite!

I hope your day was sweet.
Whether you celebrated Valentine's Day
or not...

Thank you for being you.
Much love!




Day 13

Driftwood happens to be one of my favorite things.

The blue tint to this photo happened quite by accident.
The first time I tried out Ron's fancy, tricky camera,
all the photos I took had this blue tint.

Neither one of us could figure out what I did...
I'm certain I must have pushed a button accidentally,
or something.

Happily, this was the result!


In my closet...


Day 12
In my closet

My favorite shelf in my closet.
It's a special little spot
for some of my favorite things.
I switch them out now and then.

There's always a fresh flower
or greenery 
in that little vase.

It's a gentle, feminine, sometimes nostalgic, little spot,
always neat and tidy.
No matter what's going on with the rest of my closet.

It's good for my soul.


I hope your week is off to a beautiful start,
dear ones!

Much love and I'll be back 
with a succulent photo
later today...


Makes me happy...


Oh boy.
This one was tough.
So many, many things make me happy.

I chose a simple pleasure,
one that makes me calm.

Day 11
Makes me happy

An early morning bubble bath in a quiet house.
A book of poetry,
dappled sunlight,
and the faint sound of birds singing.
A little slice of heaven,
and a perfect way to start a day.


Front door...


Day 9
Front door

Such an enchanting, welcoming sight.
The front door of my brother's cabin.




Day 8

{photo by Ron}

Kissed by the sun:
my beautiful brother, 
my beautiful son
and sweet B-mo.




Day 7

Oh buttons, buttons.
How I love them!
I have so many,
but not enough.
Yes, I collect them (shocking, right? :)).

The photo above is of a sample button card.
It's quite old and a button is missing.
The card is worn and frayed around the edges.
There are smudges of dirt and such on the card.
But to me, this is perfection.
The buttons are so completely gorgeous.
They shine like the finest jewels, in my opinion.
Colors changing with every movement, every light.
Buttons in motion.

This particular collection was quite a find for me,
at the swap meet, for $12.


It's the little things...


The little things we do for ourselves
make a difference.

Brighten your day
even in a small way.

For me today, it means
a few sprigs of rosemary in a tiny teacup.




Day 6

A busy day + late afternoon errand = take out taco salad.

And then there was dessert...

Ron surprised me with these evil little nuggets.


A stranger...


Day 4
A stranger

This lovely fellow was driving down the 5 freeway, as were we.
He saw me taking the pic of his cool car, smiled and waved.
Such a charming stranger!


Froth is easy...


Hello and Happy Saturday, dear ones!
I hope your weekend is off to a super fantastic start.

Do you like frothy coffee?
I do.  I love it.
You know, you don't need a fancy machine
or a barista to whip up (literally) your own
frothy coffee in the morning.

Mama D has a fast and simple solution.
This may not be new to you,
but if it is,
you're gonna love it...

It's ridiculously easy.

Heat up your milk til it's good and hot.
(I usually heat about 1/4 cup milk per coffee,
but you can go with more, if you like)

You can heat it in the microwave or on the stove top.
Again, whatever you prefer.
If you like sugar,
add it to the milk prior to heating.

Once the milk is hot,
take a small wire whisk,
set it in the milk.
I hold the handle of the whisk between my two palms
and roll it back and forth really fast.
It will create a foamy, frothy milk in about one minute.
Then pour your coffee in your cup,
and pour the frothy milk on top.
That's it, kids.
As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Then sit back and enjoy...

I'll be back in a bit with today's photo of the day.
Much love...




Day 3

Ron's hand.
I was sort of sneaky getting this shot.
Ron was on a conference call,
taking notes.
I took this photo leaning over his shoulder.
Perhaps a bit distracting for him...




Today was a tough challenge,
As a lover of words,
I was torn.
Where to start,
how to choose,
so many favorites...

Then I realized...
the boy is a lover of words as well.
He has definite favorites.
So the decision was made.

Here is a list of our boy's favorite words and phrases...
in no particular order.

Day 2


February photo a day challenge...


Yep, I'm hooked.
I decided to jump on the 
February photo a day challenge train.
It was just so much fun last month.
Thank you, fat mum slim, for coming up with this!

Day 1
My view today

This is a shot from my lunch hour walk today.
We don't have many pines in our little neighborhood,
except there are several on a stretch of my walk.
I love them!
I especially love seeing the sun peeking through the branches of any tree.

So cheerful.

Here's the February photo a day list,
in case you want to play along...


I took this pic (on my phone) last Saturday
at Jack London State Park.
A beautiful grove of Eucalyptus planted by
Jack London himself.

I hope you are off to a super fantastic start to the month,
dear friends.

See you tomorrow.
Much love...