Photo a Day round-up...


Hello, dear ones!
How is your week starting off?
I hope today is a beautiful day for you.

I have found that posting my February Photo a Day
on a daily basis
makes my blog feel a tad bit cluttered.

it doesn't leave a lot of room
for other posts.

So I've decided to post my Photo a Day pics 
in little groups every few days.
I do love the photo challenges,
but I believe that grouping them together is a better idea.

I hope it will allow more room to breathe...
and think,
and express myself in other ways.

Day 23
My shoes

 Vintage mary janes,
brown fishnets,
rolled levis.


Day 22
Where I work

 Where I do my computer work.
Lots of natural light.
And a tiny hummingbird nest
is currently right in front of my window.


Day 21
A favorite photo of me

Dressed for Halloween
as the Jolly Green Giant.


Day 20

 Very old handwriting.
Letha was my great-grandmother.


Day 19
Something I hate to do

I despise cleaning the bathrooms.
To make things easier,
I wipe them down every day.


Day 18 

Who's with me?
*wink and clink*


A little news on the homefront:

Ron left yesterday for a 
3 week business trip.
(and he had just returned from a trip to Mexico City)
This is grueling trip for him:
then Beijing
and closing out the trip
in D.C..

Too too long,
but I know I shouldn't complain.
Just look at what military families go through,
for instance.

these next three weeks
will be a bit a challenge.
I have lots of lists
to keep me focused and productive.
And I'm certain the boy will keep me hopping!

I've been slowly and steadily
working on many new Fringe pieces.
I will begin showing them to you soon.

Thank you so much for visiting!
I always get such a kick out your comments...

Much love.




24 Corners said...

Love seeing the succession of pics...especially you as the Jolly Green Giant...clever!!!
I do the wipe down daily thing too...not a fan of cleaning the baths either (got the tip to do that from Fly Lady).
Super cool shoes by the way...bummed they're vinatage (cuz now I can't go get me a pair!).
Be thinking of you while Ron's least you do have 'the boy' and his antics to keep you distracted.
xo J~

Jayne said...

Great photos, Dennice. My, don't you have beautiful shoes (but of course you do!). ;)

Three weeks is a long time. Between your work and the boy, though, it'll pass quickly, right? Stay well. Looking forward to seeing more of your masterpieces. :D