The last of the February Photo a Day Challenge...


 Hello, dear friends.

Are you having a good week?
I truly hope so!

Here are the last of my February Photo a Day

I'm totally hooked on doing these.
It's given me a good excuse
to take a moment each day
to think about photography.
It's lovely.
I highly recommend it.

For now,
there are these...
Day 29
Something I'm listening to.

Elite Hotel.

Day 28

From the boy's room,
his "skull bank".


Day 27
Something I ate.

The last orange.


Day 26

Sleepy time!


 Day 25

Isn't mother nature amazing?


Day 24
Inside my bathroom cabinet.

A love note,
by way of an Oscar Wilde quote.


Ron's about halfway through his trip.
And I'm about halfway through
what remains of my sanity.
(Just kidding)
(Sort of)

I'm working on a custom order.
It's such a fun one.
Two nautical-themed items
for a very special lady.

Here's a photo of the work in progress
for one of the pieces.

 I love nautical.
It's always fresh and cheerful.
My wedding was nautical-themed.

Thank you for visiting.
You know you're comments always
bring a smile to my face,
and warmth to my heart.

Much love!


1 comment:

June Shin said...

Love the photos. I need to get back into it. I did have fun doing it in January, so we'll see with April.