Sunshine. Yellow. Happiness.


{yellow = happiness}

Ron brought me these yellow mums for our Easter gathering.
They have been keeping me company outside this week,
while I worked under a beautiful blue sky.

Those brilliant yellow mums
inspired me.
I took out my crochet hook,
my sunny yellow yarn,
and pretended to be Mother Nature.

I love my little fiber mum.
I'm going to make an armful of them
for a special project.
Yes, indeedy.

I have many, many new items in my shop.
Here are a sampling of some of the yellows.
happiness for your neck.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling dears.
What are your plans?

Here we have a weekend ruled by the boy.
Saturday he has a buddy coming over.
Sunday the boy, his friend, and Ron are going paint balling.
You know what that means...
I have a chunk of time all to myself!
Yippee skippee!
Let's see what kind of mischief I can get into...

Thank you so much for visiting.
You're a (golden) ray of sunshine in my life...




I love the day after a big party or gathering at my home. 
The house is still so clean and just right. 
The outside too.  
It was exactly that way yesterday.  
We had everyone here for Easter on Sunday so everything was spic and span.
And yesterday, I took advantage of the stunning weather...

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day.
I couldn't resist.
I made the backyard my workspace.
The first day this year that I have spent my entire work day outside.
A true sign of spring.
I don't like to call it "work" because I love what I do.
But you know what I mean. *wink*
It was such a glorious (and surprisingly productive) block of time.
I highly recommend it, if it's at all possible for you.
Even if you can only manage a short amount of time.
The fresh air and open sky will inspire you.
I promise.

Very early yesterday morning,
I sat and sipped my coffee,
did some writing and reflecting,
and gazed at these beautiful flowers.
Sent to me for Easter by my dad.

How was your yesteday, lovely friends?
I hope you found happiness in your Monday.
Thank you for coming to see me.
Until next time...Much love!


Beauty Essentials...


Happy Monday, darling dears!

I haven't done a beauty essentials post in a long time.
I do have an excellent product to tell you about.
I've used it for a couple years now
and I absolutely love it.

The name of this item is a mouthful:
Olay Derma-Pod Anti-Aging Triple Response.

You can find it here as well as your local drugstore, Target, etc.

This product is just fabulous.
These little pods are single use.
You get 24 in a box.
I use 3 per week.

They are like a little miracle pod!
The treatment reduces puffiness around the eye.

And definitely reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Basically, this product does what it says it'll do.
Which is refreshing, in itself, yes?

So you have my strong recommendation.
Excellent for women and men.
Pamper the sensitive area around your eyes.
And see an immediate difference.
This product is reasonably priced as well.

Plus, I feel it's never too early,
or too late,
to begin a good skincare program.


That's it for today, dear friends.
I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend!

Thank you so much for taking time to drop by...


A Fringe feather collection...

A f
A few of The Palette Feather Lariats
available soon at Fringe

May your weekend be filled with
a heart with wings.
So that your dreams can take flight.


Find beauty in the little things...


I do find beauty in the little things.
For instance,
this little pile of scrap yarn.
Leftovers from what I worked on today.

I looked at that little pile and thought...
What a thing of beauty.

I wanted to share this 
small, but infinitely important thought
with you, dear one.

In case your days are slipping by
and you have forgotten to
find beauty in the little things.


I have been adding new soft pretties to my shop
on a daily basis.
And will continue to do so.

See what else is new here.

Thank you for visiting.
You're a ray of sunshine in my day...xo


It's springtime at Fringe!


Hello, dear ones.
Welcome to Spring
at Fringe!

Things are hoppin' around here.
 I've added 13 new items to my shop
since Friday.

And there's a lot more where that came from, so stay tuned.
New items are going to magically appear often.

New designs.
Fresh colors.
Urban prairie.
Nature inspired.
Style and fashion impact

It's Spring Fever!

I do love the way they look together.
Many, many more colors to come.

That's it for today.
I hope you enjoyed browsing.
Stay tuned for lots of color and soft pretties...

Thank you ever so much for visiting.
You bring me so much happiness!

I'll be back very soon.
Much love,


Spring begins with The Palette Series...


Hello, dear sweet friends, and Happy Friday to you!
I hope your weekend holds much happiness.

I have had a very busy and exciting day thus far.
I've listed 10 fresh new Fringe pieces.
You can see them all here.

I think I'm most excited about my new Palette Series.
(see photos below)

The Palette Series is new and dear to my heart.
I love working with the magnificent variety of colors for these necklaces.
Each time I begin a new one, I smile.
Pure joy!

There are more than 25 different Palette necklaces
 currently in my studio.
I listed 7 of them in my shop today.

The concept for these light-hearted,
wisps of whimsy
 was really a simple idea.
I wanted to make a little neckpiece that was
affordable, fun and breezy-light for the warmer months.
Affordable to most at $26,
yet still an original Fringe design,
still completely handmade by yours truly.
I truly believe that really means something.

The option for wearing more than one at a time for instant impact
is very appealing to me.
It gives you the opportunity to personalize this piece.
Adding a brooch,
a strip of fabric,
or nippets of lace
can only add more delight to your experience with a Palette piece.
These Palette neckwear pieces will appear in a variety of lengths
 as well as different size ruffles.

There you are, darlings. 
The first of many new additions to Fringe.
You wouldn't believe how many new tidbits I have to list.
I can hardly stand it!
It does take time though to list a new item.
It truly is quite a process.

So please bear with me.
I promise to reveal my new designs
as quickly as I possibly can.
I'm excited to share them with you!


We have a busy weekend in store for us here.
I have an order to complete,
an appointment smack dab in the middle of the day tomorrow
(I don't like how it divides the day. Sigh)
Walks to be taken.
Design photos to be taken.
Emails to write.
A batch of lemon cupcakes to make..Get this...
They're for a special picnic...
The boy is going to a Victorian Picnic
on Sunday.
Boys and girls.
Put together and planned by the aforementioned
boys and girls.
What does it all mean...?

I'm deeply thankful to you for coming by,
for showing interest,
for supporting my work,
for cheering me on,
a heartfelt thank you for being you.



The Vegas Experience...


Hello hello, my loves!  How have you been?
Did you have lovely days while I was gone?
I truly hope so.
You deserve every happiness.
I've missed you!

I have finally adjusted to being home.
Last night I went upstairs to rest before dinner.
I was feeling a little bedraggled, to say the least.
That was at 6:30 p.m.
I didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning.
I don't sleep well in hotels.
Not well at all.
As a result, I was completely exhausted from all the
fun and games and excitement
of our Vegas getaway.

We all had a fabulous time.
I am also very happy to be home.
I love being home.
Perhaps that's why Ron teases me with
the nickname of The Molewoman.

Here are some of the photos from our trip.
I did take my camera, but ended up taking
all the photos with my phone.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these little snippets!

Two views, in different directions, from the pedestrian bridges.

The view from our hotel room window.

Boys will be boys. These two happen to be my boys.

Yes.  We played tourist and stopped by THE pawn shop.
You know, the Pawn Stars shop.
The boy bought a "Chumlee for President" T-shirt.

Only in Vegas do you see Superman and Gene Simmons
 walking amongst the pedestrians.

These crystal "curtains" at The Cosmopolitan were so stunning.
The photos don't do them justice.

The Statue of Liberty covered in Jelly Bellies.
I know my darling brother will appreciate this one. *wink*

We went to an amazing car show.
These were my two favorites.

We saw Gladys Knight.
She was absolutely fabulous.
I know this isn't a good photo.
Gladys is on the left of this pic.
Her show was my favorite thing of the entire trip.
Her last song?
Midnight Train to Georgia. YESSS!

We saw David Copperfield.
He was amazing.
He made a turquoise Lincoln Continental appear
out of thin air.
Can you see it in the center?
I cannot figure out how he did it...
I guess that's why he gets the Big Bucks.
Also, he was extremely funny.
Who knew?

And in the end.
We did GET MADE.
During which we GOT WHACKED.
It wasn't pretty.
This particular show was interactive.
They gave us each a "mob name".
Ron was Joe Batters.
The boy was Lupo the Wolf.
And me?
Wait for it...
I was The Animal.
What else?


On a different note,
I will begin listing some of the new
Spring/Summer Fringe Collection
before this week is out.

I hope you will check back to see
my new Fringe loves....

Here's another little bit of a peek.

You may have had the impression that
I have been working with only
bright, vibrant colors.
I've been working with some delicious fiber.
In dreamy, gentle colors.

So stay tuned. 
You'll see the beginning of
the emergence this week, dear friends.

Thank you so much for visiting!
Thank you for being you...
Much love!



Vegas, baby....


 Smooth like buttah. Our boy, circa 2004 photo.

Well, dear ones, we're off on a little jaunt.
The boy has next week off for Spring Break.
We're heading to Las Vegas,
with a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

We will be playing it by ear, for the most part.
I may do a couple of posts during the week.
Depending on what the days have in store for us.

The boy loves Vegas.
So do R and I, for that matter.
It's exciting,
lots to do,
casual or dressy.

Somehow, even though we seem to enjoy
large (and fabulous) meals there,
I manage to walk it all off.
This time of year it's mild enough to walk as much as we like.
Not the blazing temps of summer.

I will close my shop today.
Reopening next Sunday.
Upon my return,
a world of soft and pretty...
Fringe Spring/Summer will begin emerging.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Until next time...
Much love!