It's springtime at Fringe!


Hello, dear ones.
Welcome to Spring
at Fringe!

Things are hoppin' around here.
 I've added 13 new items to my shop
since Friday.

And there's a lot more where that came from, so stay tuned.
New items are going to magically appear often.

New designs.
Fresh colors.
Urban prairie.
Nature inspired.
Style and fashion impact

It's Spring Fever!

I do love the way they look together.
Many, many more colors to come.

That's it for today.
I hope you enjoyed browsing.
Stay tuned for lots of color and soft pretties...

Thank you ever so much for visiting.
You bring me so much happiness!

I'll be back very soon.
Much love,



Dawn of LaTouchables said...

those are adorable--I love the way you photograph them, too!

Ivy Lane said...

i LOVE the memory lane lariat!! LOVE IT!!!! Happy Spring!

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Dawn & Ivy Lane ~ Thank you so so much, you two little angels! You made my day!

*kiss x 2*

hometown girl said...

all are just lovely!! hope you are well!! xo susn

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you so much, sweet Suz!