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Happy Monday, darling dears!

I haven't done a beauty essentials post in a long time.
I do have an excellent product to tell you about.
I've used it for a couple years now
and I absolutely love it.

The name of this item is a mouthful:
Olay Derma-Pod Anti-Aging Triple Response.

You can find it here as well as your local drugstore, Target, etc.

This product is just fabulous.
These little pods are single use.
You get 24 in a box.
I use 3 per week.

They are like a little miracle pod!
The treatment reduces puffiness around the eye.

And definitely reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Basically, this product does what it says it'll do.
Which is refreshing, in itself, yes?

So you have my strong recommendation.
Excellent for women and men.
Pamper the sensitive area around your eyes.
And see an immediate difference.
This product is reasonably priced as well.

Plus, I feel it's never too early,
or too late,
to begin a good skincare program.


That's it for today, dear friends.
I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend!

Thank you so much for taking time to drop by...


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24 Corners said...

I love your beauty posts! Thanks for the's an area I have to start focusing on now. :/
xo J~