I love the day after a big party or gathering at my home. 
The house is still so clean and just right. 
The outside too.  
It was exactly that way yesterday.  
We had everyone here for Easter on Sunday so everything was spic and span.
And yesterday, I took advantage of the stunning weather...

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day.
I couldn't resist.
I made the backyard my workspace.
The first day this year that I have spent my entire work day outside.
A true sign of spring.
I don't like to call it "work" because I love what I do.
But you know what I mean. *wink*
It was such a glorious (and surprisingly productive) block of time.
I highly recommend it, if it's at all possible for you.
Even if you can only manage a short amount of time.
The fresh air and open sky will inspire you.
I promise.

Very early yesterday morning,
I sat and sipped my coffee,
did some writing and reflecting,
and gazed at these beautiful flowers.
Sent to me for Easter by my dad.

How was your yesteday, lovely friends?
I hope you found happiness in your Monday.
Thank you for coming to see me.
Until next time...Much love!



24 Corners said...

We need to have people over so our house can get all spic &'s amazing what a great motivator that is! Your outside space looks beautiful...I love that you were working out there, such a perfect spot.
How sweet of your dad to send flowers too...they're so pretty. We had a wonderful Easter...very meaningful and very yummy.
xo J~

Catherine Ivins said...

that's it- I'm moving in! how beautiful and calming.... I bought a couple of your suggested items at Sephora today, can't wait to play with them - I needed an excuse to treat myself

xo - Cat :)

hometown girl said...

your backyard looks so beautiful! must be so wonderful to work outside and look out over the pool! still praying for sun here, we did see it for a bit today though which was nice! hope you are well, glad you had a nice Easter!! xo suz

lillyella said...

oh my goodness, is that your backyard? No wonder you're so cheery and friendly all the time! Im moving up my visit :)

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you, lovely ladies, for your wonderful comments! You bring such cheer to my day. Hugs for everyone!

J - I'm so glad you had a good Easter. Another good thing about hosting the gathering is all the yummy leftovers for the following couple of days. :)

Cat - I'm so excited that you bought a couple of my suggestions! It makes me unreasonably happy! Please let me know how they work for you, ok? And the corks, the corks, the corks...soon, my friend, soon.

Suz - I hope you had a nice holiday, dear. I know you always host everyone at your place. Did the kids have an egg hunt?

Lillyella - Really? Am I always cheery and friendly? I hope so, in a good way. Sometimes that can be annoying...And yes, move your visit up!

xo xo xo xo