Turquoise Tuesday...


Hello, lovelies, and Happy Turquoise Tuesday!  What a day.  My internet has been down for most of the day which was slightly alarming considering how busy my shop is this time of year.  Also, it resulted in a delay for my blog post.  All is well now and so here we are.

Today's turquoise feature is actually a random mix of items I have seen (and love) on Etsy.  It's fun to just go through and pick this and that from my favorites to share with you.  I hope you enjoy this mix...

Glowing Forest. by MarcoSuarez.

Farm Skeleton. by AmandaRaeK.

There you have it.  My randomly delicious turquoise collection.  Some have a tidbit of turquoise and some have quite a lot.  Regardless, I think they're all quite special.

I hope your week is off to a wonderful start, dear ones.  Are you remembering to stop and enjoy little moments in your day?  Be sure to do that.  Also, take the time to do something for yourself each and every day.  Even the smallest little treat works wonders for the soul.

Thank you so much for visiting. 
Your comments are little rays of sunshine even on the cloudiest day....xo

Pssst...Did you hear?  Pantone's color of the year for 2011 is Honeysuckle
(a dynamic reddish pink).


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24 Corners said...

Just seeing these now! all beautiful...and I can't believe the new color from Pantone is Honeysuckle! Our guest room is called the Honeysuckle Suit, dubbed so by my sis-in-law because the wall paper in the guest bath is a honeysuckle pattern and the color we chose for the guest room kinda matches the honeysuckle fower on the wallpaper...hmmm, I think I feel a post idea coming on here!
xo J~