An Old-Fashioned Christmas...


Hello, angels!  Guess what today is?  The third (eek!) Wednesday of December.  Never mind how close we are to the various holidays...I don't want to throw you all into a panic.  I just wanted to remind you that it's time for my decor feature post on the beautiful Nicole's blog, Lillyella.

This month's post is titled

I hope you'll take a moment to go check out the post.  While you're there, you'll see there are lots of other fabulous posts by Nicole, as well as other featured guests.

Speaking (softly) of the fast-approaching holidays...
Fringe has a huge selection of items that will ship out immediately.
Check out my "Ships Immediately" section here.

Thank you so much for dropping by, dear ones!
Thank you for being you...xo


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brock street said...

love this post. the galvanized bucket under the tree is what we are doing this year too..don't think it will come out as charming as that one:)