Last minute shopping...


Hello, dear hearts.  I hope your day is going beautifully!  This is just a little tidbit of information for those of you who still need gifts, or perhaps want an extra special accessory for yourself during the holiday season.  Many of my clients are doing both: buying gifts for their loved ones and treating themselves for all their hard work.

At the moment there are 80 Fringe designs available in my shop that can be shipped immediately.  View my "Ships Immediately" section here.

Just a few examples of the items that are ready to go...

By the way, I am currently offering Free U.S. Priority Shipping and Reduced International Shipping with each purchase.  Also, each and every item you purchase at Fringe will arrive beautifully gift wrapped.  Why? Because I love you.

Happy Holidays!



hometown girl said...

hello! hope all is well with you!! love all your pretty things! xo suz

monica said...

Hello, I discovered your shop of treasues in Fall of 2009, I believe, & tucked You safely in my favs. :) Beautiful things you have created & I want, want, want! But it's the season to give; though the beautifully gray & cream lariat I just purchased last night/this morning, is for ME! LOL (belated birthday present). You asked how I found you … I make jewelry & was thinking about trying to set up a little shop then & put some pieces on to see how they'd do, but got sick. The idea is there, just on hold. But I found your shop while browsing Etsy shops & therr you were when I clicked my favorites. I think something very similar to that scarf was on on your Etsy site in 2009 & I feel in love with it. Love your style!
Have a wonderful & RELAXING Holiday Season! ~ Monica

Fringe said...

suz, thank you so much. you're such a dear, sweet friend! i hope you're enjoying the holiday season with your beautiful family...xoxo

monica, oh my goodness! you are a peach! thank you so much for this wonderful, kind and generous message. clients like you are what make my work so very rewarding...i look forward to hopefully many more lovely "conversations" with you, my new friend...

happy holidays with love,

24 Corners said...

Of course...I purchased for me! :) I know, so selfish...but I love my new scarf!!! I need to figure out how to get a 'front porch' so that I can still wear my "Front Porch" in the summer, which here in the PNW can be on the cool side once in a while.

You and your beautiful creations are the best D!
xo J~

Fringe said...

J ~ Thank you so much, dear heart! You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. With or without the Front Porch Scarf!

I'm so grateful to have "met" you! You're a complete joy.