Today is Emily Dickinson's birthday. She is one of my favorite poets. I have shared her poems many times here.  I was reminded today (by Roger Ebert) of a poem by another one of my most favorite poets, Billy Collins.

Billy Collins wrote a mesmerizing poem titled
 "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes".

I hope you have a moment to listen to this breathtakingly beautiful poem...

My interpretation of this poem?  I see it as a deeply felt love poem from a man living now to a woman who lived in a different time.  I understand it.  I find it so moving.  I sometimes feel that I was born in the wrong era..Perhaps that's why I find this poem truly special.

Thank you so much for visiting, lovely friends.
I hope your weekend is filled with sweet and tender moments...xo



24 Corners said...

Happy Birthday to Emily. It's uncanny how she and Emily Bronte were so much alike in their reclusiveness and brilliance, they were only about twelve years apart in age.
It's nice to know someone loved her across time...a love she never knew.
Beautiful post...
xo J~

brock street said...

great poem to hear at 640am, before we tally on to the cabin.
have a great weekend sweetie pie.

Roseanna said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing...she is a favorite of mine. May we ever "dwell in possiblility".

Ivy Lane said...

OMG... did my senior paper on her!!! connection!

Fringe said...

J - I know what you mean. To me, the two Emilys seem very much alike. I feel they would have been good friends....

and you put it perfectly...he loved her across time.

brock street - I'm so glad you saw this post, dearest! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Lots of love to you!

Roseanna - Lovely comment. I so enjoyed your quote. Words to live by too!

Ivy Lane - Oh, the Emily discussions we could have! It makes me happy to think of our connection!

~ I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. Thank you for your special comments!