Fringe Shop Update...

I did it, friends! My Fringe shop update is live.

I'm in love with my newest designs. They're very dear to me. I guess that happens, as a designer. We have to love the pieces we create and feel passionate about them.

It was a fabulous challenge to get six new designs ready in a week. I'm so happy I went for it though. I hope you enjoy my newest creations....

Vibrant red. Sexy. Swingy. Vintage accents.

Larger than life. Fun. Funky. Vintage accent.

Extra long. Swingy. Sexy. Urban.

Fabulous state of disarray. Vintage accents.

Countess Olenska Capelet
Elegant. Playful. Feminine. Vintage brooch design.

Urban prairie. Sunshine yellow. Flutter as you move.

Happy Earth Day!
In case I haven't mentioned it lately, thank you for being you....xo


Good Girls Studio said...

Eeek! Love them all you busy lady! I think the yellow lily lariat might be my fave...or that cloudy brooch, or maybe the poppy lariat ;)

Shop update a success!


hometown girl said...

wow! i wish i could borrow a dose of your inspiration :) love the poppy lariat, rain cloud brooch! all of it're amazing! thank you for being you too! xo me

Sara said...

Fantastic new designs! What a week! I REALLY fancy the rain cloud brooch......absolutely brilliant:D

Fringe said...

Wow. Thank you so so much, sweet friends! Your kind and generous comments just make my day...

*kiss x 3*

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

Absolutely beautiful! I actually had a piece designed to try out that looks a bit like your poppy lariat, but I hadn't though of red. Gorgeous!

Fringe said...

Thank you so much, dear sweet Ana! You're a peach as well as super talented...xoxo

24 Corners said...

I think I recognize that rain cloud! ;)
All are so lovely, whimsical, fun and most of all...extremely brilliant in design!

Are those raindrops I hear???
xxoo Jessica

Persis Shah said...

LOVE your stuff!! can't wait to check out your Etsy Hops now!