A motley crew...

tiny squirrel and tiny sheep

tiny mouse and tiny fawn

tiny koala and tiny fox

tiny horse

Have you seen these whimsical, enchanting little creature necklaces? They're made by Nancy of Motley Mutton. Hand-felted and just about the cutest things I've ever seen. If you see something you like in her shop you had better snag it quick. Her tiny creations don't last long in her shop. Not too surprising, is it?

I hope you're having a spectacular Monday, dear friends! Tomorrow is Turquoise Tuesday, yippee! I do hope you'll be able to stop in and see what I have in store for all of you turquoise lovers like me.

Thank you ever so much for dropping in...xo


CrowNology said...

I must have one of these!!!
Must. I love them. I broke into a huge smile as I scrolled your page. A sure sign of a must-have item. No?
Sometimes people rock. ;)
Thank you so much for your words...

24 Corners said...

Adorable - Adorable - Adorable!

Could anything be any cuter??? No!
(other than b-mo in his sporty new glasses that is!)

Off to check them out....

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

ahh, so cute!!

woolies said...

I adore her shop - SO CUTE! I want them all.

Ivy Lane said...

So cute! I'll be back for a visit tomorrow!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

I love that tiny mouse. So cute. Fun blog too. :)


brock street said...

they don't get much cuter than this do they?
so much talent

hometown girl said...

those are too cute! xo suz

alexkeller said...

i'm starting a zoo!