Turquoise Tuesday...

Happy Turquoise Tuesday, darling dears! This week I decided to focus on something near and dear to my heart...footwear. And let me tell you, it was an impossible task to narrow it down to just a few delicious turquoise pairs. This is definitely going to be continued on another Tuesday.

For now, I hope you enjoy the styles I selected. I do realize I've left out many important styles...this is why I will revisit footwear in the future....(you'll notice that I simply cannot keep away for Frye's, my no-so-secret obsession, as well as Chucks, and flip flops...and...oh, I'm hopeless!)...

Frye Carson Shorties at Zappos
Old Gringo Yippie Ki Yay Ashton at Zappos

Screened-In Gladiators at Anthropologie

Chuck Taylors by Converse at Zappos

Frye Sammy Stud Huarache at Zappos

Margot Ballet Flats at Sundance
Havaianas Solid Flip-flops at Sundance

So there you have it, friends...My first, but not last, focus on footwear a la turquoise. I am so inspired by this color! I love love love to wear a splash of color on my feet. It completely changes the look of even the simplest outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. I also totally enjoy wearing unexpected shoes that don't normally match the style of the outfit. I'm a true believer in expressing yourself and having fun with your clothing and accessories. I realize you may not be surprised by that, considering who I am...

I would like to thank the wonderful new happy shiny people who are following my blog and leaving lovely comments...I'm so glad you found me!

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to come by...your comments always make me smile. Have a beautiful day! xo


Ivy Lane said...

loving the turquoise footwear! We are going to FINALLY be in for flip flop weather this weekend!

Happy T. Tuesday! :)

Good Girls Studio said...

Frye + Turquoise = swoon!
& those gladiators from Anthro {eep}! Show lust for sure!


Fringe said...

Thank you, sweeties! I'm so glad you stopped in :)


alexkeller said...

i LOVE those shorties! but it's getting too warm - i need to get a pedicure and put on some sandals!

hometown girl said...

how fun. i think my faves are the boots. i really need to get a pair. and those ballet flats, too cute! enjoy the day!! xo me

Diana said...

I love all the choices! I'll take them all! :)

24 Corners said...

My feet haven't stopped requesting turquoise footwear since they saw this post! I think I'm going to have to acquiesce to their demands just to get some peace and quiet around here!

Jessica ;)

brock street said...

you forgot the platform stilettos...you know, the 8" ones that you wear all the time.

Fringe said...

Thanks, girls, for stopping by. I'm so glad to see you enjoy turquoise as much as I do!

Brock Street - there's always a wiseguy in the group :)