Gardens are for everyone...

I love unique and innovative plant and garden design. Just love it! We get Sunset Magazine and last month's issue had the most exciting garden ideas I've seen in quite some time. These two ideas are so appealing to me, and they're for just about anyone. You don't even need to have outdoor space to achieve these two gardens. I'm going to try to create both of these this spring.

The first idea is brilliant. These wall garden containers or "living walls" are from Woolly Pockets. They come in an array of choices and sizes. I can't tell you how much I love the idea of having a wall filled with these contained gardens. You can plant anything your heart desires in these fabulous containers. Paradise for your walls!

The wonderful designer behind this tabletop garden is Heather Lenkin. One could have this on any table in or out of the house. Really so fantastic! I love love love how she layered this centerpiece with the raised bed in the center. It's just so chic and quite romantic, if you ask me.

It would be super simple and fairly inexpensive to accomplish this look, and you can use any number of different plants. The choices are endless. You could even set some beautiful tall candleholders in the center and work the greenery around them. The innermost center could be changed out whenever you feel like it. Love!

These two ideas are so special because they spark the imagination. They make my mind wander to the possibilities and different twists I could add to these designs. That truly is inspiring, isn't it? I don't know about you, but when spring comes around, I'm fairly twitching to get outside and enjoy the weather and nature...These little gardens would add to the beauty of anyone's living space, whether it's inside or outdoors.

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. What can I say, it's another astoundingly gorgeous day here in my little corner of the world. We're sort of getting a late start this morning. We just finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes and I suppose the next logical step is to get dressed...Although you know what I like to say...the truly fabulous never get dressed before noon... However, a picnic is in order today, and so I guess I'll get dressed after all.

Thank you for visiting, lovely friends....xo


glenda said...

Oh, I have a fence we built to cover an area we didn't want to look at...It is tall and wide, and this would be perfect for that. I have never done anything to it, and this is very appealing. You could add other things like an old mirror or mirrors..crosses, all sorts of things would work. this is a start...thanks for sharing.
love your blog...

CrowNology said...

Great images to inspire...I can't wait!
My comment moderation seems to be working fine again...I'm not sure if you still have yours turned off...I guess I'll soon see!

Ivy Lane said...

Those wall gardens are just beautiful! and that table garden..i think would be divine for a summer brunch...

Happy Sunday!!

P.S... I accepted the blogger award and shared my "Seven"! You are a doll Dennice! thank you!!! :)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I have dreamt of filling an entire tabletop with moss for a dinner. Imagine it strewn with tealights.... le sigh.

My family thinks I'm a lunatic of course, but I think it would be wonderful.

Toni said...

Hello! I am doing a photo mashup in April and would love for you to join! Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you info.
Have a fab day!

Caroline said...

Oh I love Sunset and this last issue was AMAZING!! Much love!! xo

Fringe said...

Glenda - I love your idea of adding mirrors or crosses along with wall gardens! So clever :)

Andrea - I've temporarily given up on my comment moderation. It's wonky...I can see a garden table just beyond your turquoise gate...

Ivy Lane - The table garden would be poifect for a Sunday brunch! Loved learning more about you with the 7, sweetie...

Lisa - I think we're two peas in a pod...I've always wanted to have a moss covered table! I say go for it :)

Toni - Thanks for letting me know about the mashup...I left you my info.

Caroline - Isn't Sunset a wonderful, inspiring magazine? I adore it. Great recipes in them too.

Thank you all, lovely ladies, for stopping by and leaving your kind comments. You make me smile!