On 9/11/01
We felt helpless.
Completely devastated.

We got out the flag that we reserved
for the usual holidays,
Ron climbed up on the ladder
and put it in it's place above the front porch.

It's never come down.
We've had to replace the flag twice.
This is our third one.
They do get ravaged by
the weather...

As we were ravaged
on that early September morning.
Against a crystal clear,
bright blue sky.

When so many never lived to see the sunset that day.
Never to kiss their loved ones again.
Many performing final,

made their marks.
Such as the man in the red bandana...


Today, all day.
Three candles burning,
for three crash sites.



1 comment:

24 Corners said...

Beautifully said...all the 'never agains' are heartbreaking. It's wonderful that you've kept the flag up since that day...a continual honor to their memories and a constant reminder of that day so that we 'never forget'.
xo J~