Mammoth (cont)...


Happy Monday, dear ones!
I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend.
I'd like to start this week off with more
Mammoth memories.

These particular photos evolve around our
super secret fishing spot.
We spend a good part of our
Mammoth vacations

Our spot is simply heavenly.
Photos really don't do it justice,
but hopefully you'll get a sense of
the grandeur of nature through these
amateur photographs of mine...

The view from above our fishing spot.

I like to sit in the grass in this very spot
next to the lake inlet
when I'm not fishing.
Many ideas are born here.

It's a bit of a grueling hike to our spot,
here is the lush setting along the way.

 Magnificent view of the lake
and the mountains,
standing on the meadow.

 Can you believe this water?
It's amazing.

 Late in the afternoon,
the sun makes the lake dance.

 Our boy,
the fisherman,
wearing his tweed cap (of course).
He caught a fish on his very first cast of the day!

A soaring eagle
made our first day of fishing

Thank you for visiting.
I hope you are off to a fantastic start
to your week!

I'll be back soon with 
new Fringe AW 2011
items to show you.
I've been busy creating...

Much love,



The Noisy Plume said...

Oh....those Sierras. Looks like a gorgeous trip! x

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Noisy Plume ~ It really is mesmerizing. We're so in love with the Sierras. I guess that's why we return there year after year...


hometown girl said...

love the ones of the sunlight on the lake and your sweet son! i love that you can see his reflection!! xo suz

24 Corners said...

Just beautiful D...I named one of my kitties after the Sierra's because I was so enamoured with them growing up, this got me just a bit teary remembering my first time being in awe of them. ♥
I just love that your boy wears a tweed cap while fishing...there's some seriuosly cool genes in that young man!
Thanks for sharing your special spot...
xo J~