Personalized Fringe...


This has been the summer of custom orders at Fringe.
I've been quite surprised by them.
Some from brand new, delightful clients.
One from a cherished client of more than 3 years.

I know that in the handmade world
custom orders can sometimes inspire apprehension.
Some artists have unpleasant experiences.

I have to say,
I've been the luckiest girl.
My custom order clients
are exceptional
and very, very special.

I love to create a piece
that has a specific purpose.
Usually for an occasion,
it adds a twist to my usual process
of creating.

It's an honor for me
to be chosen as the one to create
such a personal, important piece.

I find the most rewarding part of a custom order
to be the friendships I have formed.
Yarn can truly weave a friendship.

Here are some examples of
what I've been working on
the past few weeks.

Out of these creations,
relationships were formed
feelings were shared
hearts swelled
smiles grew.

Lipstick red luxury shrug with
two creamy rose brooches.
Butter soft yarn.

Vintage glass beads
embellish these rose brooches.

Two extra oversized cowls.

One of my circle brooches.

Made with love.

What I'm currently working on.
This yarn is being transformed into a luxury shrug.
It will be accompanied by two rose brooches.
In red, with spring green leaves.

I still found time to work on this little tidbit.
It's going to be a gift for a dear friend.
Is it possible to have a dear friend whom you've never met?
Here, I'm working with
vintage cotton thread and a vintage hook.

This is going to be a new luxury piece for the shop.
Wait until you see the brooch I'm going to make for it!

So there you have it, dear ones.
I haven't been goofing off.
I've been working like a fiend, actually.

When there are custom orders,
it's not so easy to list new items in my shop.
As always,
I have a long, long list
of future projects.
Now all I need to do is
figure out how to make time stand still...

I hope you're having a beautiful day
in your little corner of the world!
Much love...



24 Corners said...

My, you have been a busy girl! I'm so thrilled that you and your beautiful work are in such high demand, the more Fringe out there, the better! I truly admire your work ethic and the ability to channel all that creativity into such a successful business, that is a talent unto itself and takes a special kind of focus so that a dream can become a're my hero!
xoxo J~

btw- the shrug and roses are just so pretty...

Dennice {Fringe} said...

J ~ Thank you so much for your wonderful words! Honestly, you so such sweet and generous things. What would I do without you?

I hope all your dreams become a reality.