Just a lovely little evening....


The other night, my two fellas took me out to dinner.
We went to our favorite little local restaurant.

It's a fish market/restaurant.
Nothing fried on the menu.
Besides the delicious, grilled fresh fish,
they make sinfully delicious parmesan mashed potatoes,
and your choice of summer vegetables steamed
or fresh strawberries.
Not to mention the hot-out-of-the-oven
sourdough rolls with whipped butter.

We had a perfect table with a view.

The place is always packed.
It's a rustic, casual atmosphere.
Fish tanks,
big old hooks, ropes

beware of the dark corners...

My two fellas...

After dinner,
we paused to admire a cool car
in the parking lot.
Our boy will be 15 this fall.
He's very excited to start driving.
I'm NOT ready!

The drive home at dusk...

In case you were wondering...
We didn't skip dessert.
It was waiting for us when we returned home.


Thank you for visiting, dear friends.
Your thoughts and comments are appreciated...
more than you know.


pssst...Happy Birthday, UJ! xoxo



24 Corners said...

Awwe...such a nice evening! Is that peach cobbler I see?
xo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Yes, indeedy, peach cobbler! It didn't last long in this house. :)