Have a beautiful weekend...


{A painting of a happy lady graces one of my office walls,
in a place of honor over Ardith's bench.}

Happy Friday, lovely friends!
Man oh man, what a week.

We are getting ready for our yearly road trip to Mammoth.
We leave Sunday for a glorious week.
Words cannot express how much I look forward to this trip.
Mammoth has healing powers.

I will keep in touch
via this blog,
if all things go as planned.
Who knows what adventures are in store for us!
Let's hope there's not a repeat of this...

In the meantime,
have a beautiful weekend!
If you would like to share with me
what your plans are this weekend,
I'd love to know...

My weekend will be a mix of activities.
Fun stuff,
like continuing my work on
a big wood/fiber project,
and then there's the packing for Mammoth,
and the long chore list.
I'd give you the detailed weekend list,
but I don't want to scare you!

In case I've neglected to mention this lately...
Thank you for being you.



alexkeller said...

have a wonderful time!
it's my birthday tomorrow, so my son and i will be baking cupcakes - his favorite flavor and then mine :) but he's told me i'm not allowed to get any older - okay by me!
then sunday night, my husband and i are going out on a date - a nice dinner and conversation that doesn't include cartoons or video games :)

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Alex, Happy Birthday, dearest! Wishing you much love, laughter, good health and prosperity for your 29th year. *wink*

Have a cupcake for me, will you? And enjoy your date night. It sounds heavenly. I can hardly remember the last time Ron and I had a date. A real date, alone, the two of us, out in public. :)


hometown girl said...

hello! sounds like a busy weekend, hope it was fun too! all is well here just getting ready for our yard sale! have a great week! xo suz

24 Corners said...

How fun that it's Mammoth time again! I prepped for my LAST camp al weekend...I'm pooped!
Have a fantastic time...and be careful!
Love the painting and Ardith's bench...
xo J~

brock street said...

love this...so intoxicating. it is almost the weekend again :)

Ivy Lane said...

You are probably at your camp site as I write this...Have a wonderful, inspiring time!! sounds divine..

Love the "happy lady painting" and the glimps of Ardith's bench..

Enjoy your time!