Hello, my dear friends.
Today is a bittersweet day for my family.
It's Ardith's birthday.
This photo of her is sitting on my desk.

Usually, I check in on my computer
the first thing in the morning,
and the last thing at night.
So you see,
she's here to greet me as I start and end each day.

I don't know what it is about dates...
When you lose someone you love,
and those meaningful dates come around,
they seem to make the loss stronger.
Your lost loved one claims that date in your heart.

What a miracle it was that Ardith was born.
Her life led to my dad's life.
Which led to my life.
That circle of life, you know.
For this reason, and many more,
I will celebrate Ardith's life today.

I thought perhaps you'd like to know a few tidbits about her...

She was a magnificent cook and baker.
Her pies were like a poem.
She had a wonderful sense of humor and an easy, contagious laugh.
She had a keen fashion sense and loved Italian shoes.
Her middle name was Belle.
She was a bit of a lead-foot driver.
Her favorite color was green.
She was a voracious reader.
As a young girl, she saved her babysitting money
to buy her little brother his first bicycle.

As you've probably already heard,
today is also the last day of Elizabeth Taylor's life.
A woman who never stopped giving. 
Rest in peace, beautiful Liz.
I'll leave my thoughts of her for a future post.

Thank you so much for visiting, lovelies.
You always bring happiness to my day...


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

What a lovely tribute to a very special lady. Dates, yes they pull the memories up to the surface, like a fine line pulls the fish you feel tugging....



Brenda said...

Oh Dennice, I'll be thinking about you all week. What a lovely photo of your wonderful and so loved grandmother. I know she is smiling down on your, feeling your love, and always loving you in return.

xoxo Brenda

Jayne said...

Dennice - such a sweet and loving tribute to your grandmother. Beauty grace, and creativity sure runs in the family. *Hugs*

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Lynn, Brenda, and Jayne ~

Thank you so SO much for your loving, compassionate and kind comments. You truly touched my heart and I'm very fortunate to have friends like you!

Much love!
xo xo xo

24 Corners said...

I love learning about Ardith. Thank you for sharing these sweet, funny (lead foot!), and touching tidbits about her, they truly do give us a glimpse into what an amazing and special woman she really was.
Belated and very present hugs to you dear-heart...I know how these dates can bring up the bittersweet.
xo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

J ~ You're a peach. Thank you for the hug and the warm, compassionate thoughts.