A perfect studio...


Do you ever fall in love with a piece of furniture? 
You see it and feel a pang.
Your heart beats faster.
Even if your home is filled with furniture, you tell yourself,
"I'll find room for it.  Not an issue."

Well, I do. 
I fall deeply in love with old furniture.
Not new furniture though
(with the exception of furniture Ron has made for me).
Odd, perhaps, but that's just me.

The above cabinet is the perfect example.
I saw it in Country Living and immediately felt
the little green monster of envy rise up against
the lucky woman who owns this piece.

I couldn't help myself...
Her studio should belong to me!
So should her study.
Can you imagine having a study and a studio
in your home
filled with these amazing pieces?

French mail bins...swoon!

Evil (I mean lucky) woman's studio.

Annnnnd...Her study.
Apparently, the previous owner left all of this.
Le sigh.

Excuse me while I gather my composure...

Thank you ever so much, dear ones, for stopping by...
Much love and thank you for being you.


kim said...

Ha, I know this issue because I saved it and envied her right along with you!

brock street said...

lets stalk her together and do a non-hostile takeover :)

24 Corners said...

This just happened to me recently when I saw Ally's (From The right Bank) new/old map table she found for HER studio (it's amazing)...that envy flaired right up but I smiled and congratulated her, all the while coveting it greatly...'lucky' was the word of the day for her too! ;)
The studio & study in these images are pretty much perfect (loved!)...I hope you find your glass-doored cubby cabinet one day...your yarn deserves such a home.

btw- please stop by...you were in my thoughts when I wrote my last post...and, I'm doing my first giveaway.
Happy Sunday...
xo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Thank you for your sweet (and in the case of brock street, funny) comments!

You're such lovebugs.

Hope you have a beautiful week1

J - I'm high-tailin' it over to your beautiful blog asap!


24 Corners said...

D, so glad you stopped by! I left you a comment in the Japan post (loved your story!) but I can't leave a reply in the anniv. post or I might end up being picked for my own cards! ;)
Thank you though for such a thoughtful and sweet comment, it floored me and made me teary (in a good way)...and I'm so glad you enjoyed the song, the affirmation in it is so beautiful, it astonishes me everytime I hear it...those goosebumps show up for me too. ;)
Have a lovely week dear Fringy...you're an angel and a treasured friend!
xo J~

hometown girl said...

that is one amazing cabinet i could use that and those bins are really cool! i wish i had a proper studio with lots of light and room! oh well, a girl can dream right? much love! suz

Jayne said...

AH! I want that house! I too, swoon over old furnishing. Those French bins are wonderful. I'll have to keep imagining... :)

A Perfect Gray said...

those french bins are wonderful...