Week 2...


...Week 2 of Ron's trip...
Dear darling friends,
I'm afraid something had to give in my daily/weekly schedule
 while Ron's away.
It's obviously been my blogging routine.
As you know, Ron's away for two weeks.
This being week 2.

I've had quite a lot on my plate.
Custom orders have kept me happily occupied.
Though they have sort of slowed down any new additions to the shop.
I do have lots of new pieces coming though.
Stay tuned...

Keeping our boy occupied to some extent.
Although (please humor me as I go off on a tangent)
I am a firm believer that kids should experience
 true boredom in the summer months.

I remember very clearly being bored stiff in the summer.
It helped me to discover our local library which was
conveniently located within walking distance.
I spent hours and hours there.
Magical hours.
I rode my bike along long, silent, sun-baked dirt roads.
I picked wildflowers.
Queen Anne's Lace mostly so that I could make little cages.
Did you ever do that as a kid?
I made magnificent card houses with my friend.
You get the idea.
I found things to do.
All children should experience that same incentive inducing boredom.
(End of side trip along memory lane)

And let's not forget
the endless domestic type things
(and 100 little odds and ends)
that take up a lot of time too,
as you well know.

To those of you waiting for email replies.
I will answer all of you this week.
Pinky swear!


So, you see, this is my roundabout way of saying I missed you,
and I'm sorry I've been away so long.

I'd like to share some photos I've taken in the past week.
Sort of a week in pictures.
I hope you enjoy them...

The boy had friends over last Tuesday.
A teen pool party.
Boys and girls...
And so it begins.

I love my succulent hanging baskets.
Easy peasy to care for and
downright gorgeous.

Fringe overload!
Or as a girlfriend said to me,
"It's what Mr. T would look like after visiting Fringe."
LOVE that thought!

Backyard posy harvest.
They are now in vases and bowls of water.
Brightening our days.

Plain yogurt,
homemade caramel sauce,
fresh strawberries.
Every day for breakfast.
I'm addicted.

Turquoise toenails!
Yippee skippee!

On a particularly slow day,
we made up a game.
I paid the boy a penny for each consecutive basket.
The rules became very complex.
I'll spare you the gory details.
In the end,
I owed him $4.

I spent some time relaxing in the water.
The water element inspires me like nothing else.
You probably already know that about me...

I'll admit it.
I've had a little icy cocktail
a couple of evenings.

Gin and tonic with lime,
come to mama.

All and all.
If you take out the part where
I worry my head off about Ron.

And the fact that the boy and I
miss him terribly,

It's truly been nothing but blues skies around here.
I hope with all my heart,
dear ones,
it's the same in your little corner of the universe.

Much love,
and thank you so much for visiting!


P.S.  We saw Kung Fu Panda 2 today.  We loved it.  Who gets weepy at animated movies...?
I do, that's who. #sappy




hometown girl said...

you are so cute! i need your homemade caramel sauce, that's one breakfast i think i could eat everyday! xo suz

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Well, you're cute too, missy! :)

I'll type out the recipe, or find the link. I think Ron found it on Barefoot Contessa. Either way, ask and ye shall receive! *wink*


24 Corners said...

Love this post! And I love your description of what summer used to and 'should' be like...your boy is so lucky to have you for his mom!
Sometimes life gets so busy...in a good way, but busy none the less...here's to making little Queen Anne's Lace cages (not tried that yet) and many magical hours enjoying the lovely boredom of summer!!
xoxo J~

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Darling dear J ~ You write the sweetest things! Truly. My blog wouldn't be the same at all without your wonderful, thoughtful comments. Thank you for being you!