. peach cobbler.
These babies will be ready to pick in a couple weeks.

And I will turn them into this...

Ron's favorite: peach cobbler.
Mama D's Peach Cobbler,
to be specific.
If you'd like to try my recipe,
I posted it here.

You can also substitute the peaches for
berries, apples, apricots..
whatever fresh fruit you have on hand.

Ron loves it most made with our
Babcock peaches.

Speaking of Ron,
that little devil,
look what he brought me last night.

And by 9 a.m. this morning,
it had already started...

Speaking of countdowns...
Ron leaves tomorrow for a
long trip.
Over two weeks in Asia.

I guess he thought 5 lbs. of Red Vines
would ease the pain.
And don't forget,
Red Vines are "always fat free".

I admit I'm feeling blue about Ron's trip.
Don't worry, I'll snap out of it.
I have our boy to think of.
No sad saps allowed! :)
He and I will have fun together,
that's for sure.

Still, I worry so
when Ron's away from us.
You know me...

I hope you have something lovely planned for the weekend.
Anything you'd like to share with me?
I'd love to hear all about it.

Thank you so much for visiting, dear ones!
You make me smile...

P.S. I just realized...Ron timed it perfectly. 
He'll be back just in time for the first peach cobbler of the season!



Ana - Better in Sepia said...

I'm definitely going to have to try your recipe this year! Delicious :o)

Dennice {Fringe} said...

Oh good, Ana! I think you'll love how easy it is, and how yummy it tastes :)

Especially with vanilla ice cream...


24 Corners said...

So cute...leaving you with a big ol' comforting bin of Red Vines! Try not to eat them all at tummy-aches allowed while hubby's not there to baby you! I'd love to try your cobbler recipe, I've never made a cobbler, only crisps...I like the doughy goodness I see in the picture though...have to try it!
Hoping to spend time with our lttle nephews this weekend (3 & 5), they're so sweet, and such goofballs!
Two weeks weeks will go by licketysplit, so hang in there D...and if you do run out of vines...get some Swedish Fish!!
Big hugs...
xoxo J~

brock street said...

two pea's in a pod. i have been eating red vines with my coffee at work for the last 2 weeks. darn costco.

i need some of your cobbler in a big way. :)

hometown girl said...

hello! hopefully the time will fly and he'll be home soon! those things are so darn addicting it's crazy, good thing i'm not there with you! i just bought some at the snack stand at baseball the other night! enjoy your time with your sweet boy. xo suz

Dennice {Fringe} said...

I apologize for my belated reply to these last three lovely, endearing messages...Time has been elusive when it comes to blogging lately.

J ~ Thank you for your sweet message. You are to blame for my thoughts about Swedish Fish! :)

I hope you were able to spend time with your nephews. Those are really such magical ages. I think 3-5 could be my favorite age.


brock street ~ dearest, darling bro. I owe you an email. I know. I'm woefully behind in correspondences. We are indeed two peas in a pod. I just wish we two peas lived closer to each other. *sniff*


Suz ~ I wish you were here to share these dang Red Vines with me, sweet friend! I miss you. We don't "chat" as much as we used to. I'm certain it's my fault! Just the same, I think of you each day...Hope you're having a wonderful summer with the kids!