Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turquoise Tuesday...

Hello and Happy Turquoise Tuesday! I do love Tuesdays, especially since the start of these turquoise features...So fun!

Today's focus is on wood whimsy. There are quite a lot of wooden toys and whimsical creations on Etsy. I had no trouble finding lots of enchanting tidbits. I actually had to narrow it down to just these five. There are so many delightful choices.

These wonderful pieces range in their shades (and amounts) of turquoise and aqua. They will evoke smiles from children as well as adults, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

Hand Crank Wooden Boat Automata by cartoon monster

Three Wee Wooden Houses by wood mouse

Sidney by vbdesigns

Vintage Block Bot made from reclaimed wood by William Dohman

Bird Bowl No. 8 by Wood Doddle

Do you have a favorite? I would be hard pressed to choose one. There's something about each and every item here that makes it stand out, don't you think?

Today is very June-gloom-esque. That won't stop us from our daily beach walk though. Ron is coming along wonderfully with his recovery. Our boy is finishing off the school year with only three more days until summer vacation. I can't believe the school year is over...

Also today, I'm in the midst of a major cleaning/organizing/downsizing extravaganza in the boy's room. I can only get it done when he's not home since he wants to keep every little bit of flotsam and jetsam...I'm currently at the "peak" of this overhaul, which means the room is at the height of chaos. From this point, it can only get better (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it)...Wish me luck!

Thank you so much, dear friends, for visiting me. Your comments always brighten my day...xo


24 Corners said...

These are adorable!!! It is hard to pick a favorite but I do love the hand crank boat...very cute, and the mouse needs to be in *my* home somewhere...to cute!

Best in the boys bedroom...I'm at the "peak" of chaos also in the unpacking process...it seems to be getting worse, but I'm going to believe it can only get better too!

So happy Ron is doing so well...
xxoo J~

BlackStar said...

I agree. The boat is my fave too, although I love them all.
Want some of our high 90's June weather? It feels like I'm breathing oven air when I'm outside.

Sherry said...

I wish I still had a little one in the house, they are all so cute.

No matter what the weather, I am sure you and Ron will have a lovely beach walk.


Ivy Lane said...

I love the bird bowl! so cute! Here's wishing you the calm to the chaos soon! Enjoy the walk on the beach! Savor every moment...

Happy Tuesday!