Turquoise Tuesday...

Happy Turquoise Tuesday, lovely friends! How are you today? I hope you're having a fantastic day so far.

This weeks Turquoise Tuesday is extra special. It's extra special because I've featured five women who are not only exceptionally gifted artists, but they are exceptional friends to me. They have all shown me such kindness, support and friendship during the past two weeks since The Bump in the Road. This is just a small way of saying thank you...

Splash Earrings by Wild Woman Jewelry

Drop of Rain Necklace by BlackStar Jewelry

Aren't these all just fabulous? I love each one! These amazing artists have shops filled with beauties so I hope you'll take time to visit them.

I want to say here that I realize I haven't included all of the dear friends who have reached out to me. I plan to do more features down the road with the other special artists/friends who sent me words of encouragement. You've all been just the best!

Have a perfect day, dear ones!

Thank you so much to stopping by...Your comments are little rays of sunshine....xo


Good Girls Studio said...

Happy Turquoise Tuesday to you! Love the spirit level earrings ...they make me smile :)

Praying things are looking up for your hubs! Love your positive outlook on life!


BlackStar said...

I love Turquoise Tuesday and was SO surprised to be a part of it, along with some of my fave peeps!
Hope all is well and progressing with Mr Fringe.

Caroline said...

Wow I love the last necklace!! Such a great post! xo

24 Corners said...

Ahhh...Turquoise Tuesday...lovely images!
Your pretty turquoise toes could have been part of this post too! ;)

Fallon said...

Thanks for stopping by the other day. Your too sweet!!! I love your blog. Very happy to "meet" you as well =) Happy Turquoise Tuesday!

alamodestuff said...

Gorgeous. I love the flower photo and the tiny felted bowls are adorable.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I really appreciate it!

hometown girl said...

oh my goodness sweet friend, thank you so much for your kindness. i wish i could do more for you all. thank you, love you! suz

Brenda said...

You are a sweetheart. Pure and simple.

Here's to continual improvement and small steps!


Sherry said...

I apologize for taking so long to make my way back here, but I'm grateful for the mention and deeply grateful for our frienship.

I think of you and your husband and son everyday and hope things are going well.


red ticking said...

more hugs coming to you... have a great day dennice... xo