Happy feet....

Warning: To those of you who are squeamish about looking at bare feet, you are about to see mine, in all their nakedness.

Hello, lovelies, and Happy Monday! As I've mentioned before, I love Mondays. Call me crazy, but I really do. Why? Perhaps because of all the possibilities for the coming week. Or a fresh start to a new week. The promise of good things to come, because after all, we can do our darnedest to make our outlook on life a positive one.

I believe I have a fun and easy way to cheer you up. It's inexpensive too, which is an added bonus. Here it is, sweet girls...Paint your toenails blue. Truly, nothing says happy like blue toenails. In this case, I do practice what I preach...These are my toes in all their blue happiness. A photo from this weekend. Isn't that the most joyful blue you've ever seen?

If you are interested in creating the same happiness for your very own twinkle toes, rush on over to your local drugstore/beauty store and buy my new favorite (I find a new fav blue each spring) blue toenail polish, Sally Hansen's HD Hi-Definition Nail Color in BLU (02). That's my little beauty tip for the week....

I hope your Monday is a beautiful one, dear friends. With lots of little sparks of happiness.

Thank you so much for visiting me...xo

P.S. Hope to see you tomorrow for this week's Turquoise Tuesday feature!


CrowNology said...

I love feet...Such under-appreciated hard workers. I always go for the underdog! :)
The blue toenails are fantastic!

Brenda said...

Your feet are lovely, from healthy tan to pretty toe ring to gorgeous blue tips. :) I will check out that shade of polish this week!

xoxo Brenda

hometown girl said...

Ok you are too cute! I just finally painted mine
dark. Makes me feel hip :) good day so far here! Hope
you guys are well too!! Xo me

24 Corners said...

You are so lucky to be able to have cute beach feet! Here in Seattle...ours are still under-wraps and in desperate need of some sun! Love the blue...noted for future toe decor!

Not only are your feet happy but you sound happy too...so great! xxoo

BlackStar said...

I love that color and am going to look for it! I usually wear turquoise or black, but that one speaks to me too. Thanks!