ABC, Easy As 123...

A while back, I ran across this A - Z questionnaire on the lovely Bliss blog. I thought it looked like fun, and it was list-like, which as you probably know is something I can't resist. So here they are, my A - Z questionnaire answers. I hope you enjoy them, and perhaps you will play along.

A. Attached or Single- attached.
B. Best Friend- my husband.
C. Cake or Pie- lemon meringue pie.
D. Day of Choice- today!
E. Essential Item- it’s a toss up between my computer and flip flops. Ok, I pick computer.
F. Favorite Color- turquoise.
G. Gummy Bears or Worms- gummy bears, but I truly love Swedish Fish.
H. Hometown- Redondo Beach, California.
I. Indulgence- really good champagne.
J. January or July- July.
K. Kids- yes.
L. Life isn't complete morning coffee.
M. Marriage Date- July 21st.
N. Number of Brothers and Sisters- 1 brother, and he’s a love.
O. Oranges or Apples- apples, especially green ones.
P. Phobias- deep water, high places, small places, big crowds. Yeah, I’m messed up.
Q. Quote- “What fresh hell is this?”
R. Reason to Smile- I have a room full of yarn. That’s just one reason, I have many.
S. Season of choice-summer.
T. Tag Three- I don’t like tagging. So anyone who wants to do this, please do so. It’s kinda fun.
U. Unknown fact about me- I love to dance.
V. Vegetable- snap peas.
W. Worst habit- Diet Coke, I’m trying to quit, dang it!
X. X-ray or Ultrasound- both. Isn’t science amazing?
Y. Your Fave food- this is a tough one. I love all kinds of food, the spicier the better. And soup! I love soup.
Z. Zodiac- Libra.

I think I need to do an A – Z for Reasons to Smile. Yep. That list will be coming up soon. I am not satisfied with just one answer for that one….Don’t you just love lists…?

Thank you for stopping in, lovelies…xo


Leaves of Glass said...

i do, i do love lists! :)

paperhill said...

that's fun! i'm a list girl, i might have to play along. xo

Hollygolightly said...

That list IS fun! Thanks for sharing it! For some reason your blog has inspired me to keep posting on mine! I think I have been feeling the pressure of ... Will people like my blog, my posts ... will I have any followers? But I think it will end up being just fine because all of my blog is just ...ME!
Your blog is fabulous and it shows that you love what you do!

Thank you!

Sherry said...

this is great, I just did a post, but I'll do mine this week.

I love my scarf and just got a cool new jacket from Sundance I'm going to ear it with!

Fringe said...

Thank you, lovely ladies, for stopping in!

Hollygolightly, what a special message you left me. Rest assured, you will have followers, myself included. Just be yourself.

Sherry, I'm so happy to know you're enjoying your scarf! Thank you for letting me know, sweet friend.