One Big Stick = Fun

Ok, sunshines, it does appear that this week is nature week on Fringe. I took so many pictures as well as some videos at last week's zoo visit, and I just can't help but share them with you. Look at it as good clean fun for all ages. I hope you are enjoying them...Please forgive the roughness of my videos, and the background noise.

This particular elephant was very playful and did lots of different things while we were there. You can't tell from the video, but the elephants have a huge area to hang out in, as they should. I admit the angle of this video is not the best, but the place was packed with people (as you will notice from all the background chatter on the video). I thought the "weeeee!" at the end was particularly charming :), and it wasn't me that said it (fyi).

As always, I'm glad you stopped by...I love reading your comments. xo

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paperhill said...

how cute! we just went to the zoo over the weekend (not nearly as good as the sd zoo i'm sure) our elephants were hiding! xo