One Big Ole Chip...

This potato chip was so big that I had to take a photo of it. Silly, I know. It's also shaped very much like the sole of a shoe. We all arm-wrestled to determine who would get to eat it. Our son won. He claimed it was absolutely delicious and didn't taste at all like the sole of a shoe.

Level 11 Exists...

My dear friend, Shana of cookoorikoo, got me hooked on a computer game called Amagurumi Farm. Whenever I have a few minutes to spare on the computer I play this addictive little game. She once said she wasn't sure it went past Level 10 so this post is for you, Shana. Level 11! I took a screenshot as proof...Woohoo!

Career change...?

Just the other day, I saw this awesome truck parked in my neighbor's driveway. The coolest plumber around. I would be tempted to become one just so that I could drive this truck. I did indeed have fun modifying the photos I took, right down to the moustache I used to cover the license plate.

Fathers and Grandfathers...

I meant to compose this post for Father's Day, but time got away from me. I feel it's never too late or the wrong time to express one's love for others so here is my little tribute to the fathers and grandfathers of my life. I never did meet my grandfather Frank, but my grandfather Miller I knew as a little girl. Both my dad and my dad-in-law are alive and well and for this I am so grateful. They are wonderful and special men that I cherish.

I found this poem once quite by accident and loved it so much. I thought I'd share it with you in hopes that you will find it as tender and touching as I do...

My Father's Hats by Mark Irwin

Sunday mornings I would reach
high into his dark closet while standing
on a chair and tiptoeing reach
higher, touching, sometimes fumbling
the soft crowns and imagine
I was in a forest, wind hymning
through pines, where the musky scent
of rain clinging to damp earth was
his scent I loved, lingering on
bands, leather, and on the inner silk
crowns where I would smell his
hair and almost think I was being
held, or climbing a tree, touching
the yellow fruit, leaves whose scent
was that of clove in the godsome
air, as now, thinking of his fabulous
sleep, I stand on this canyon floor
and watch light slowly close
on water I can't be sure is there.

My dad and yours truly(in a snappy blue jumper).

My husband and his dad out on a limb (hee hee).
My maternal grandfather, Miller, at age 16.

My paternal grandfather, Frank, with my grandmother, Ardith. You may recognize this photo from an earlier post.


This photo, Paris Crush by photobird, makes me happy. I love the colors, the textures, and the subject. It's whimsical and a bit feminine, which is a good thing in my opinion.

I am in love with these charming vintage cloth journal covers made by SewDanish. As a self-proclaimed all-things-stationery fiend, these are right up my alley. Not only are they completely adorable, but they are a recycled product. We can feel completely justified for buying these. One of each, please...

Cloudy Day Beach Walk...

Here on southern California's coast, we really do experience June Gloom. Most mornings start off damp and grey, many afternoons are sunny and clear, followed by clouds rolling in around 5pm. It's quite predictable. This never stops us from our beach activities. I still do the early morning beach walks. In the summer, my son usually accompanies me. On this particular day, the waves were quite good. Notice the middle surfer is a girl. Yay for girls! If you look closely at the last photo you will see my son is holding a sand crab. I hope you enjoy the photos I took on this cloudy day beach walk...

The Uniform Project...

The most brilliant idea. The Uniform Project is one woman's idea, namely designer Sheena Matheiken, to wear the same dress for 365 days as a way to challenge our traditional ideas of what fashion really is all about. I'm so impressed by this concept.

Also, she is raising money for a most excellent cause, the Akanksha Foundation. I would like to shout this from the rooftops, and I may still do that, but common sense told me to try getting this fabulous story out via my blog.

Below are my favorite outfits thus far in June. Please visit The Uniform Project and find out all the details about Ms. Matheiken's endeavor...

June 1

June 7

June 10

June 15

Around Town...

I thought I'd start a new series called "Around Town". Basically, it will be photos and brief descriptions of sights in my little beach town. I think it will be fun and hopefully interesting.

Although the below photos really speak for themselves and need no explanation (after all, how could I possibly explain this pirate girl?), I will at least give you as much info as I have. This is the front yard (yes, I said front yard) of one of the houses in the village. It is more like a landmark. Each time I drive by, there seems to be a new addition, or a (eh-hm) change of wardrobe. The front yard is actually jam packed with interest, but I was pressed for time on a busy street. I just quickly pulled over and snapped a couple shots. I promise I'll go back and take more when time permits. You really must see the entire landscape. Everytime I pass this house, it makes me smile. Talk about making a statement!

I'm a Lucky Girl...

My wonderful husband came home with a magnificent bundle of gladiolus wrapped in newspaper. My favorite flower from my favorite man. These were an exceptionally beautiful bundle. I'm a lucky girl.

I'd love to know what your favorite flower is.

Coming Attraction...

"Hope is a kind of expectation for future honor."

This quote, among other things, was the inspiration for my latest ensemble. Here's a little glimpse into the soon-to-be-revealed design. I plan to have it in my shop by the end of the
week. This design has been a real labor of love, and I look forward to presenting it. Thank you for visiting!

The Flower Fields...

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad are stunning. Photos can't do them justice, at least my photos can't. They bloom from March to May along a 50 acre stretch of prime real estate just east of the Pacific Ocean, along a hill. The Flower Fields also feature amazing award-winning rose gardens, an antique tractor ride and a sweet pea maze. It's a wonderland for photographers. Of course, all this blooming amazement is not offered for free. There's an admission price which wasn't the case that many years ago. People come in droves to visit the fields, and it doesn't hurt that they are nestled between an Outlet Mall and Legoland. Although, the flower fields were here way before the two aforementioned tourist traps were even an idea in some developer's mind. These breathtaking stripes of color began in 1958 by the Frazee family who owned a huge commercial Ranunculus farm.

I took these photographs on Easter day. My photos don't do justice to the scale and the brilliance of these fields, but you can get an idea of how stunning it really is.