Fathers and Grandfathers...

I meant to compose this post for Father's Day, but time got away from me. I feel it's never too late or the wrong time to express one's love for others so here is my little tribute to the fathers and grandfathers of my life. I never did meet my grandfather Frank, but my grandfather Miller I knew as a little girl. Both my dad and my dad-in-law are alive and well and for this I am so grateful. They are wonderful and special men that I cherish.

I found this poem once quite by accident and loved it so much. I thought I'd share it with you in hopes that you will find it as tender and touching as I do...

My Father's Hats by Mark Irwin

Sunday mornings I would reach
high into his dark closet while standing
on a chair and tiptoeing reach
higher, touching, sometimes fumbling
the soft crowns and imagine
I was in a forest, wind hymning
through pines, where the musky scent
of rain clinging to damp earth was
his scent I loved, lingering on
bands, leather, and on the inner silk
crowns where I would smell his
hair and almost think I was being
held, or climbing a tree, touching
the yellow fruit, leaves whose scent
was that of clove in the godsome
air, as now, thinking of his fabulous
sleep, I stand on this canyon floor
and watch light slowly close
on water I can't be sure is there.

My dad and yours truly(in a snappy blue jumper).

My husband and his dad out on a limb (hee hee).
My maternal grandfather, Miller, at age 16.

My paternal grandfather, Frank, with my grandmother, Ardith. You may recognize this photo from an earlier post.


paperhill said...

what a lovely poem, never too late for a tribute, i agree. i love the photos! xo

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

I second Suze all around! What wonderful photos - adorable mini Dennice and mini Ron!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Love the vintage photos! Your new banner is fantastic, too. :)

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Fringe said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely, kind comments! xo