Monday, December 22, 2008

One of each, please.....

Etsy has so many incredibly talented artists from the fashion world....Here are some samples of the creations I am absolutely longing to own.

Green Harris Tweed Coat by 13threads

First Night Bracelet by Leaves of Glass

Madame de la Lune by white apple

Stardust Yo-Yo Fascinator by cookoorikoo

Custom Long Patchwork Skirt by sohomade

~I really do desire one of each of these pieces. Can you blame me? There are numerous others that I adore and I'm sure I will be making many other posts with enchanting additions.
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april said...

awwww! Thanks for including me in your wishlist! I think that I could adopt that list as my own! You've got some gorgeous pieces showcased here!

Shana said...

thanks chica! they are ALL gorgeous!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Fun hat and like the skirt as well! You've been tagged! Please visit my blog to view the "rules" and play along...