Easy Urban Hip, Week 4; I'm SO Glad I'm a Girl...

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I must confess that I love having the door held open for me. I adore having chairs pulled out for me. Is it wrong to be glad that I don't have to mow the lawn, or wash the truck, or take the trash to the curb? I think Doris Day phrased it perfectly in "Please Don't Eat The Daisies" when she told her hubby, played by the gentlemanly David Niven, "We broads own the world". I actually enjoy doing many of the daily drudgeries that all the women's movement scorned; laundry, ironing, cooking meals for my family, wearing makeup, shaving under my arms...I even miss the big hair days of the 90's! So here's to us "broads" for owning the world and admitting that it's glorious to be a girl. The items I chose for this week's series are a perfect example of why we love to be females...enjoy! All of these items can be purchased at Etsy. Just click on the links I have provided.

Leaves of Glass

Strawberry Shake Earrings





Boring Sidney



Bayou Salvage

Vampire Lestat Mojo II Cuff



Climbing Rose Lariat


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Kateri said...

Sweet, pretty pink! Nice picks, D. Funny, Belle and I were just chatting about her Satine hat and the cool description she put on it. She'll be happy to see it featured.