Easy Urban Hip, Week 3: Ode to Las Vegas...

This week I am doing an ode to Las Vegas. Every summer we drive to Vegas. My husband and two kids. We love Vegas. Sadly, we won't be going this summer for the first time that I can remember (which isn't saying much given my memory). We have some major work being done in our backyard and it requires us to be home. But I can still tell you why I love Vegas, right? I love the dry hot heat of the desert, the incredible desert sunsets, not that we are outside much in that weather. But we usually make a point of going outside just as the sun is setting, the temperature is more enjoyable that time of day without the sun glaring and beating down.

I love to gamble, and so does my husband, but we are lightweight gamblers to say the least. I can usually make $20 stretch for quite awhile. I like blackjack and the poker slot machines. My husband likes blackjack and craps. I am slightly afraid of craps. Too much pressure to think fast and roll good numbers. I like stress-free gambling.

We love the buffets. I mean LOVE. And my daughter and I can't call a Vegas trip complete without hitting the mall at Ceaser's Palace. There is nothing like shopping away from home. You always find cool things to buy. Hence my not-so-graceful lead into Etsy and this week's picks for the Easy Urban Hip style... Any/All of these creations would be perfect for Vegas, Baby, if ya know what I mean. You don't have to be going to Vegas for these lovelies. They are the ultimate accessories for wherever you happen to spend your time...

bayou salvage

leaves of glass boring sidney

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Kateri said...

I'm a little late catching up on your blog, sugar, but what pretty things you chose! I've never been to Vegas, but I love the desert, too. And someday I'd really like to see the neon graveyard.